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Gay couple who kissed on Mormon plaza will not be charged

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  1. Simon Murphy 31 Jul 2009, 6:51pm

    That’s a pity.

    Imagine the FURORE there would have been if they had been charged.

    I reckon the mor(m)ons are scared of bad publicity.

  2. Perhaps they weren’t wearing the correct underpants ;)
    BTW, always wanted to ask, how do Mormons know if you’re wearing their sacred underpants?
    Do they check as you enter the church?
    And they think we’re strange!

  3. Compare the difference between these Mormons and the Quakers who are going to ask the government to legalise gay marriage.

  4. flapjack – what underpants?? I’m lost here!

  5. Only. In. America.

  6. @Liam there is no comparison between Mormoms and Quakers. Quakers are people.

  7. Mormons the strange people who go around in strange long johns with magical symbols written on them. They also go around baptising themselves for dead people.

    I put mormons in the same class of nutters as scientology.

  8. “Mormons the strange people who go around in strange long johns with magical symbols written on them”

    Ah! :D I had no idea about that! That’s very weird and slightly….well, creepy…

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 1 Aug 2009, 10:09am

    sounds like the ‘church’ was on a bit of a hiding to nothing really – the prosecution would have been doomed to failure on the basis that the area was not identified as being private property and therefore was legally unenforcible as such.

    I assume now the couple are going to sue for false arrest

  10. For all their silly pretensions, Mormons are supposedly very cheerful and extremely hardworking people. I don’t know. However, from what I have read Mormons now regret their overt involvement in Proposition 8 since any future vote on gay marriage in California will now turn into a referendum on Mormons.

    I also understand many Mormons in California have been ostracized by colleagues and neighbours; sometimes in very hurtful ways since the result of Prop 8.

    What good for the goose, as they say.

    All the best.

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