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American football coach apologises for gay slur

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Reader comments

  1. I hope Greg’s pushbike has a reverse gear with all that desperate backpeddling he’s doing.

  2. At least he realised his actions where wrong after he said it, unlike BBC employees.

  3. I agree, he actually sounded sincere. That’s one of the more sincere apologies for a “gay slur”, that I’ve heard. And he realised right away, which most of them don’t.

  4. Why apologize for saying what he thinks? That’s wxactly the kind of backwardness we expect from football coaches. Par for the course.

  5. @Abi1975

    Good point. Soon after Greg McMackin recognised his mistake he offered a wholehearted apology.

  6. i doubt he would have got away with an apology if it was a racial slur he’d let slip. probably would have been sacked on the spot.

    and “sincere”? don’t make me laugh. he even said himself that he only apologised because he didn’t want to “have every homosexual ticked off at [him]”; i’m sure he throws that kind of language around in private all the time. he might be better than chris moyles but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

  7. I can sort of see where Adrian T is coming from, would you sooner have a bigot who wears his bigotry on his sleeve or one who thinks his bigoted thoughts away from the spotlight of publicity (and most likely acts on them)?
    But I also agree with Someone, that if you come out and say bigoted things in public, you should expect the flak that comes with it, and his apology doesn’t sound like he regrets the slur so much as the inevitable backlash.
    Football on both sides of the pond still remains a bastion for homophobia, and it’s pretty irresponsible for a coach to express those opinions in a soundbite.

  8. Those who think this character sounded sincere obviously didn’t read the bits where he immediately threatened the journalists by saying he would lie and deny that he had used homophobic language and also that if they did report his words he would lie and say he was misquoted. Not the cleverest threat to make to journalists!

  9. Simon Murphy 2 Aug 2009, 8:04pm

    Whether his apology is sincere or not it sort of irrelevant. The good thing about it is that he realised instantly that the term ‘faggot’ is an inappropriate, homophobic slur. If a thick, football coach realises this then I think that is pretty good considering that homophobic slurs are so widespread and commonplace. The knuckleheads may be learning.

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