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US survey finds almost a third of trans respondents have considered suicide

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Reader comments

  1. So would you consider suicide if you had the options open to you trans people in the US have. Where doctors can refuse to treat you even for unrelated medical conditions just because your trans. Then when you look out into the second most dangerous place in the world to be trans, I think you might be a little afraid.

    Then you add on the cost of transition in terms of employment, family and the financial cost of transition (basic cost around $50,000) that’s not covered by medical insurance or medi care.

    I know in the UK the suicide rate of trans people is around 30% alone so these figure are probably not that accurate the question was probably misleading. I would put the thoughts of suicide around 90% not 30%.

  2. in my experience its much higher. but 30% or 90% its way way way too high and a searing inditement on the way our society treats transpeople.

  3. One of the most wonderful, kind, loving and hard-working persons I know is a Trans.

    The surgery leaves excrutiating and chronic pain as a side effect, although it certainly doesn’t show on her beautiful and smiling face.

    How tragic that not all Trans are given the chance to be who they really are, and to contribute so generously to make the world a better place.

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