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Refugees accuse US military of executing gay Iraqi civilians

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 30 Jul 2009, 7:31pm

    I would hope that these claims are not true and to be honest I reckon they are false. After the previous tortuse allegations against the US Army you’d imagine they’d be a bit more careful.

    Having said that the US Army is institutionally homophobic with their pathetic ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy.

  2. To be honest I believe it. I don’t see why these people would have any reason to make this up, and unless they’re good with photoshop it would be hard to fabricate the evidence. Hell, it would be hard to fabricate it even if they were experts at photoshop.

  3. It’s not easy to believe this story, except that it is a reaaly good way to raise funds. Why are the photos being held back?

  4. Mihangel apYrs 31 Jul 2009, 9:10am

    if true, it explains why DADT is still in place: gay people wouldn’t be safe in the armed forces, and any gay person in ought ot get out…

    If false (and I hope it is) the people telling the lies should be charged with libel at the least.

    They ought to have proof rather than allegations!

  5. Whether this particular story is true or not, it is hardly shocking that U.S. troops would murder Iraqis and commit other atrocities against them because they were gay. After all, look how many Iraqi civilians and non-civilians U.S. troops have murdered and committed atrocities against just because they were Iraqi.

  6. Dodgy one this. Granted, the US Army does not have the best of reputations, so I think more input is needed.

  7. what not to believe dear champions of globalist gay liberation? the footprint of such identitarian-minoritarian salvation is already in place. women, gays, then the random ethnic group, rotated, and one could may be add stray and abandoned dogs. it is the emblematic smokescreen to frame the “humanity” of the “civilized” imperialist-colonialist. like this, the problem is reversed unto its head: it’s not the occupation, but it’s that certain “lifestyles” that the brute natives can’t tolerate. very similar to obama’s beer stunt: the problem here too is simply about personal misunderstanding, not the nasty institutionalized racism of the system of exploitation.

  8. Hi Sami,

    This is the first time I’ve seen you posting on PinkNews. Welcome.

    Free speech is a value that is dear to us and we believe Democracy is the best form of government the world has ever seen.

    Nobody’s perfect, but at least everybody in a democratic country has an equal opportunity to develop herself or himself.

    Also, it has taken me a lifetime to master the English language, and I can understand how it can be such a challenge to you.

    Perhaps if you attempted to express only one idea in each sentence, it would be easier for me to understand exactly what you mean.

    Please do not be offended by my comment. I really do appreciate hearing from people with a fresh point of view and with a practical experience of current events.

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