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European commissioner calls for greater trans rights

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Reader comments

  1. Hello

    I would just like to inform the board, that all people regardless of their: gender (male, intersex, female), sexual orientation, and relationship status deserve HUMAN RIGHTS, therefore please make no mistake regarding the matter.


  2. Yes well said DFG everyone has human rights no mistake. but trans people seem to get overlooked way too often and some people think we have no rights and should have no rights. A little reminder to say we do have human rights harms nobody but irks the transphobes.

  3. The UK government with it gender recognition certificates (GRC) requires trans people to divorce in order to be legally recognised in your new gender and refuses to issue a GRC if you fail to do so. The only way you can get a new birth certificate with a amended gender is with a GRC so they have you over a barrel.

    Not so long ago they would force trans people to give up the marriage and not have any contact as well.

    So yes everyone has human rights but we mus focus on equalising those right for all of society and not just white heterosexual men!

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