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Swindon man attacked in ‘homophobic’ hate crime

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Reader comments

  1. Poor man – the worst I’ve had is a bit of shouting in the street, and one guy who came and actually kicked the front door. He has my sympathy.

  2. These people are neanderthals who do not belong in a civilised society!!!!

  3. Another example which shows why we must never rest or become complacent in our fight for full freedom, equality & respect…there remains a large number of people who would be happy if all gay people were killed.

  4. this is why we have to be ever vigilant

  5. Another homophobic attack that happening right accross the UK! Why is this a ‘rare’ attack in Swindon according to Police? It’s only rare if the community which they serve does’nt have faith to report such incidents to police in the first place! Good that this attack has been reported,but how many have not?
    Perhaps nows the time for Swindon Police to re connect with the communities they serve!

  6. Pumpkin Pie 30 Jul 2009, 2:22pm

    Does not surprise me one bit that something like this would happen in Swindon. The Old Town and town centre areas are prime hang-out spots for drunken thugs.

    And this whole thing about the police claiming Swindon to be so safe… I once lived in a scummy little Hertfordshire town named Hatfield, while I was attending university. After a violent attack was reported in the news, the local police claimed that Hatfield is usually such a safe place. It is not. Many areas of the town were virtually no-go areas after dark – plenty of nasty thugs and criminals in that town. Racist white youths, as well, which was very problematic for a good deal of the university students, seeing as how the University of Hertfordshire has the highest amount of foreign students in the country (honestly, how can anybody, even knuckle-dragging uber-nationalists, be so stupid as to hate people who are bringing money into the country?).

    Moral of that story is that when the police say “it’s a safe town”, they might, just might, have meant “everyone’s so scared of this place that they live as virtual prisoners in their homes after certain hours for fear of assault or robbery”. The situation’s not quite so bad in Swindon as it was in Hatfield, but that’s because Hatfield was a very small town – in Swindon the thugs are more spread out. Still, I would NEVER walk through the town centre by myself at night.

  7. kerrie bisley 13 Nov 2009, 5:32pm

    swindon is a very anti gay town i have lived here all my life and ive had to move around the borough 9 times because of thugs making my life hell,no matter where you go they seem to know who you are and you dont feel safe,every day someone seems to have to make a comment about your sexuality and try and bring you down because of it and i dont understand why because who gives them the right to judge me as i dont even know them but they still do judge no matter what so ive learnt to live with it untill the day comes when we can be safe walking the streets as we should be able to like all the other people do and not be made to feel like some sort of freak of nature!

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