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Scottish councillor quits Church of Scotland after gay ordination

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Reader comments

  1. “..A councillor has announced he will leave the Church of Scotland as a result of its appointment of an openly gay minister.”

    The hypocrisy in that opening line beggars belief.
    The councillor will leave the C of S as a result of the appointment of an OPENLY GAY minister.

    It is the “openly” that sticks in the craw of these bigotted arse-ends.

    It is not so much the fact of a person’s orientation…per se…it is the ‘openness’ that is the sticking point.

    After all, in many – if not most – cases, how would you know unless you were told, that Fr. Such-a-Bod was ‘that way’ especially if he had the 2.4 children, the 4X4, to do the school-run and the wee wifey at hame makkin’ the parradge and the tartan.

    They make me SICK.

    They would rather have a loveless marriage; an unloved, innocent, heterosexual woman, frustrated to hell, so that all the outward appearances of ‘normality’ can be maintained and ALL that, so as not to frighten the cat.

    I am off to puke up over the road in the Andaman Sea.

    And the Catholic Sodding Church is no ckuffing different from the TOP..
    Another bunch of hyps.

    The M.P.’s recently found, with their iffy expenses claims that it is not fer doin’ it yer cop it, it’s fer gerrin’ cort…!

    Same with this load of shit-heads; no different; “ that way if you CHOOSE…..and b/t/w that too, is what they think…, but don’t advertise it, there’s a good chap.
    Scuttle round toilets, why don’t you!
    That’s what we expect off YOUR sort.
    Don’t live with a lifelong partner, not round here, at any rate, happily contributing to the life of the local community; it will put the cows off their milking; just skulk around the bogs at 4 in the morning; nobody much will see that; much more your style, there’s a good chap..!
    And oh.. have you heard? There’s a Dr. Narcosi who is advising that it can be cur….you know, your errm..homose…tenden….ahem! They can do wonders today, the doctors..!”


  2. Good rissance! The church neds to modernise so cutting out the dead wood is necessary. This man has done everyone a favour by removing himself and his nastiness.

  3. Glad to hear he’s leaving, better watch the door doesn’t slam in his face on his way out. Seriously though, the more bigots leave the church, the better it will be for everyone.

  4. Joe E in California 29 Jul 2009, 11:33pm

    Toodles to you councillor. Don’t let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya!

  5. “Medically dangerous practices”? Did I read that correctly? Did he actually say “medically dangerous practices”?

    That’s the most shocking moment in this article.

  6. “My decision is based upon three issues; two linked and one separate. Firstly, the General Assembly’s challenge to the authority of the Bible with, and secondly, the undermining of Christian authority in the developing world and, thirdly, the assembly’s tacit acceptance of medically-dangerous practices.

    “Great, timeless, fundamental wisdoms are denied; Christian authority in some of the world’s most desperate societies weakened; scientific and medical authority is discounted.

    “One crucial issue for me is the distinction between homosexual celibacy and activity. Just as fornication and adultery preclude moral and spiritual authority, so must homosexual practices.”

    Engage your brain before opening your gob you stupid old fool. I can see him now in his late 60’s thinking we still have an empire. He is the sort that wants enforced religious attendance and renditions of god save the queen.

    At least he is not long for this world I would even pay for his trip to the suicide clinic.

  7. Brian Burton 30 Jul 2009, 9:48am

    Thank goodness the idiot is gone! Ring out wild Bells!

  8. Simon Murphy 30 Jul 2009, 10:57am

    They won’t be missed.

  9. “The councillor insisted his decision…was not a condemnation of homosexuals”

    Oh yes it is!

  10. Simon Murphy 30 Jul 2009, 4:45pm

    “My decision is based upon three issues; two linked and one separate. Firstly, the General Assembly’s challenge to the authority of the Bible with, and secondly, the undermining of Christian authority in the developing world and, thirdly, the assembly’s tacit acceptance of medically-dangerous practices. ”

    1. The General Assembly’s challenge to biblical homophobia is entirely permissible. After all the anglican church no longer supports slavery, rape and wife-murder even though the bible permits these crimes.

    2. The undermining of christian authority in the developing world? So this Hogg (Pig) supports the criminalisation of homosexuality in the developing world does he?

    3. The assembly’s tacit acceptance of medically-dangerous practices? Well anal sex with condoms is pretty safe. Lesbian sex is far safer than heterosexual sex.

    Even if gay sex was medically dangerous – which it’s not – then so too is drinking alcohol. Does councillor Pigg want to ban booze in the anglican church community?

  11. I’d have had more respect for this guy if he’d just resigned – the ‘verbal masturbation’ he indulges in to attempt to justify his position is just self-gratification … the C of S can easily survive without him!
    P.S. Isn’t self-gratification a sin???? ;-)

  12. “Christian authority” Anyone is entitled to believe what they want I support that notion more than I can say. But what concerns me is that many religionists want to impose their beliefs onto society as a whole. In fact they have done for centuries. Why is it that people with a certain set of beliefs(No matter how bizarre) are afforded more respect and influence than groups or individuals that do not share their beliefs?. Why are believers in the supernatural still given this privileged staus?

  13. It doesn’t sound like the Kirk and folk I was brought up in.

    Good riddance to you. (See you down the Gents soon enough.)

  14. Everybody has already said good riddance. I have a better idea.

    Get a cardboard coffin made up to look like a real one. Put the symbol of satan and the face of the pope on it, and deliver it to his home. Ring the doorbell, and run like hell.

    And when he comes out, set off by remote control a pressure tank that will blow the 50 pounds of shit inside the box all over him.

    The video will sell a million copies.

    But you have actually done the guy a favor. At least he will have something to pack inside his empty skull.

    And next, send him the legal title to a plot of land big enough for his casket. Only put the longitude and lattitude on it. Wouldn’t it be funny as hell to see him, when he finds out it is in the middle of a crap tank at a sewer processing plant.

  15. This is the same John Hogg who, in 2006, came up with the answer to the increasing poor sexual health in his area by stating that, rather than supporting a local NHS initiative aimed at talking to young people in schools, ‘the Council should advocate a refusal to accept those attitudes which in his opinion lie at the root cause of the problem of an increase of sexual diseases’. In other words, don’t talk about the problem, cross your fingers and hope that the numbers come down.

    He’s also known, locally, as ‘Hang Em High Hogg’. I’m tempted to suggest that, with views like his, he should join the Westboro Baptist Church. He’d fit right in there!

  16. It is clear that John Hogg is one of the homophobic queer bashing brigade that are dictated to by the Church. The said Councillor should get out of politics and obtain himself an education. It is worrying to see such actions coming from a man in such a trusted position within his community.

  17. Dakotahgeo 17 Aug 2009, 8:58pm

    Kudos to the people who love and support ALL of God’s children, not just the “frozen chosen.” I can add nothing but the best wishes to those who are left in the Church of England. Let the hypocrites walk in the wilderness for 40 years more.

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