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Met police chief urges gays and lesbians to report homophobic crime

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Reader comments

  1. I have been reporting homophobic crimes, but because they are committed by police officers…nobody gives a toss!

  2. EastEnders portrayed a hate attack on Christian at the end of last nights edition

  3. This is just a PR stunt. The only way we’ll get this sorted is if WE take to the streets.

  4. This is just another PR exercise from the Police! When we report a hate crime “we want” to communicate with an officer who has had proper diversity training and not the next untrained homophobic officer waiting in the queue for the next incident to investigate!

  5. Unfortunately by the time we report the hate crime there’s nothing that can be done. However, I am of the firm belief that we need to report each and every case of hate crime so that there are proper figures on what’s going on!


  6. quotes form police to me ,

    “play down the gay thing”

    Phoning 999 as house was under seige, well attack from youngsters, quote “What makes you think your are so special” Becuase we asked for a car to be sent out.


  7. 7.Dave.I think alot of people would be interested to know which police force gave you such comments? Please Name and shame the force in question.

  8. Dear John , I would gladly name and shame , but as I have just moved from years of homophobic abuse, I am trying to make a fresh start. So far so good, only two neighbours have been anti, one verbalished, but we can live with this. Would I call the police again , no. Because even the gay officers are homophobic as they have more to prove then the straight ones. I have dealt with a gay officer, and he told me into the third year of items being thrown at our house, graffitti, and being threatened, that we , my partner and I conceive that it was homophobia behind the abuse. As a result of the incident with the 999 call. I will no longer phone this service, as it has left me feeling whats the point. I have phoned the local police numbers, but never never 999. It is a waste of time. I spoke to not only the person on the end of the line , but also the supervisior, as I asked to speak to them to complain. He came to the phone and said, quote, “whats make you so special, MR….”. Just repeating what the operator said. I wrote to the chief constable and did get a letter of apology, but my partner and I should not have had to go through this is this day and age.

  9. Yesterday Devon & Cornwall Constabulary finally ADMITTED in writing that a serious arrestable offence allegation made against a gay man in Cornwall


    DC 5882 Parker of Camborne CID also confirmed in a telephone conversation today 30th July 2009, that police still wished to question further the person who made the serious false allegation against a gay man in Cornwall.

    However, the false accuser has subsequently failed to attend a police station on a number of occasions. (The false accuser formerly of Cornwall & now thought may be living in Leeds).

    The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) are now examining complaint regarding this & other prior police incidents towards the gay male victim going back to 2004. Elizabeth Pollard Case Officer IPCC

    The gay man who police now acknowledged was ‘falsely accused’ has been subjected to violent assault, attacks upon his home & has even been targeted & victimised by some elements of the Cornwall gay population, not least LGBT-PACT, Healthy Gay Cornwall, Cornwall Pride & CIOS Diversity of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.

    (Not to mention the vile back stabbing Intercom Trust in Devon)

    Most noteably & not least, refusal of Healthy Gay Cornwall to assist him as a gay suicide attempt victim, refusal by LGBT-PACT to assist him as a victim of a crime and exclusion as a gay person from last years Cornwall PRIDE due to his complaints regarding continuing homophobic police conduct!

    Despite the gay victim of the false allegation having provided information to Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.
    (1) regarding the presence of three eyewitnesses & other related witness statements
    (2) that there was DNA physical evidence to the false nature of the allegation &
    (3) there were recorded & documented text messages from the false accuser ADMITTING it was a false allegation.

    However according to the senior investigating officer DC Parker, this information was never passed onto him from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary HQ. Although the information was widely posted on the internet, & provided to various police officers & members of the gay community organisations, however Cornwall police claim ignorance that they did not know about it.

    The arrested falsely accused victim, an ‘out’ gay man was the only male arrested amongst five male persons all equally taking part in lawful & legal homosexual activity in a private home. However police ONLY arrested one person, the ‘out’ gay person whom they have previously & relentlessly targeted since 2004!

    The arrest which took place just days prior to the 2007 LGBT Cornwall Beach day of which the arrested gay male was Chair. The gay community event put in serious risk of cancelation, contary to the misleading & inaccurate information put out by a Devon & Cornwall diversity officer to the gay media.

    THe successful 2007 Cornwall Pride Beach day steering group, made up of lesbians, gay men & gay youth, disbanded out of genuine concerns & fears of further Cornwall police reprisals.

    The gay male victim of this false allegation attempted suicide as a direct result of the false allegation made & subsequent police abuse & gay community abuse. This abuse compounded by the total lack of support by Cornwall’s LGBT organisations & CIOS Diversity who repeatedly completely refused assistance to the gay victim of false allegations since 2004.

    However, the gay victim of the false allegation despite having been informed the case is now recorded as a ‘no crime’, urges gay people to treat ALL the police in Cornwall with the utmost suspicion & caution due to continuing prejudicial attitudes & practise operative & protected within the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, including within the so-called diversity unit.

    The gay victim of the deeply traumatic false allegation would like to publicly thank those lesbians, gay men & bisexual persons, neighbours & family who have continued to support him throughout this ordeal which started with homophobic police motivated abuse by DC Woods & DC Scott in 2004 and has been continued relentlessly by police ever since.

    Now perhaps police may re-examine previous false & malicious allegation made against gay persons in Cornwall along with the misconduct of Cornwall police officers.

    UK Police have a L-O-N-G way to go before they deserve the trust of LGBT persons.

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