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HIV groups hit in Schwarzenegger’s budget cuts

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Reader comments

  1. We need to remind ourselves that the public spending axe is heading this way too, and to get firm pledges from New Labour and the Tories that, if elected, they will not switch HIVers onto cheap, generic AIDS drugs and slash welfare benefits to save money. We have tended to take these handouts for granted; indeed some gay men I know think they are a right, which is why so many have became complacent around safe sex in the first place! But the cuts will be severe, and there is no way the area of HIV and AIDS won’t be affected. Play safe everyone – it makes no sense to contract HIV in the first place anyway, but consider what will happen if the next Government starts playing God with expensive prescription meds. Then what?

  2. Brian Burton 30 Jul 2009, 10:09am

    In world recessions every one has to wonder what the future holds, especially Polititions who find themselves in charge of a Billion-dollar buget etc. Cut your cloth according to your cloak cleche was around first. It’s called spending cuts now and still amounts to the same thing. One question I could never fathom is: Whats an Austrian doing in charge of an all-American state as California?

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