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Australian prime minister stands firm against gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. He is Catholic so his position is not based on any kind of logic at all.

    Its nice to know Australia is run by Rome though!!!

  2. Just a correction, he’s not Catholic but Anglican.

    He says no to Gay Marriage but his government has ammended over 100 laws which gives equality to same sex couples.

    Marriage is the last bastion of discrimination in Australia and in time it will happen!!

  3. I signed the register in the Civil Register office, I have a certificate, I had a lovley champagne lunch with close friends and stayed in a 5 star htel on the night; if thats not a marroage day I don’t know what is(?) Ps all this happened in the UK

  4. People just need to separate religious marriage from secular marriage.

    More than half the weddings in the UK are non religious (register office type), so why should religious leaders have ANY say as to whom the non religious marriage can be for.

    Sure, religious leaders can say no to gay weddings in their church, but they should have no say over non religious weddings (register office) straight or gay.

    People in Australia need to write, call and picket anyone in the Goverment who can change the law. Never give up, and NEVER be silent.

  5. I’m Christian and straight and although I don’t condone Gay marriage for my personal life, based on my personal beliefs, I don’t think that politically we have the right to take away rights from any sector of the community.

    ABI1975>> Everyone has a position and that position shapes their point of view…and therefore seems logical from that perspective.
    My faith is Christian but it becomes invalid if I shove my views and convictions down someone else’s throat. But this works in both directions.

    Pause and think about it.

  6. So I just had a look to see if Australians get anything like Civil Partnerships like we do, they don’t, which is a big disgrace.

    I totally agree with you J Mathews and I would add that there are churches who would be willing to bless same sex unions and legally they should be able to.

    Kevin Rudd is a moron, he says his party “fully respects the integrity of same-sex relationships”, clearly that’s not the case.

  7. he welcomes a ‘debate’… there is no debate. either we’re all equal or none of us are. all of these anti-marriage equality people will go down in history beside those who opposed equalitiy to other groups.

  8. Bishop Ioan 29 Jul 2009, 6:05pm

    I’m with you, xaria. There is no debate on basic human rights, dignity and self-worth. This guy “permitting” debate is the sound of one hand clapping.

  9. @Jesse: being gay & gay rights is not a belief. gay rights is the rights we have as human beings. unless you want to disagree & be fed to the lions that’s up to you.

    Pause and think about it.

    and what is a straight christian doing on a gays news site?

  10. i’m gay and whilst it’s annoying, it’s not far off anymore. KR has done a lot more than john coward was ever going to do and it’s a step in the right direction. fair enough if the next PM undoes it all we’re back at square one but we can only hope and pray. women can vote and black people have rights. it’s our turn and it’s coming
    sorry that sounds a bit angry. i’m not angry i promise

  11. If he is so out of touch with the electorate then hopefully his days are numbered. He can’t stave off progress forever.

  12. Rudd and Therese (the MRS) love their regular Sunday leaving church photoshoots, so they can keep all the conservative and homophobe votes well under the Australian Labor Party banner! Dont take notice of any of the apologists who come on here and say all the things that Labor have done in removing discrimination! Not being able to formally register same-sex realtionships under the law is the ULTIMATE form of discrimination! I have been waiting for 25 years to do so! Go Greens!!!!!!!

  13. quote Everyone has a position and that position shapes their point of view…and therefore seems logical from that perspective.
    My faith is Christian but it becomes invalid if I shove my views and convictions down someone else’s throat. But this works in both directions

    But in practice it does not. If the reglious movement had there way we would be denighed so much , in fact we would not exsist. Yet we dont denigh you anything. We might want to stand beside you, but we dont want to surpress you, and beat you down. We dont promote people to hate you and we dont promote you to be ashamed of what you believe. Even though your reglion is a choice, and we were born gay. I never chose to be gay, I did not once wake and and say hey its thursday 5.55pm , and from now on Im gay. Just as you didint chose to be straight. I have always beleived that Jesus walked this earth, I think he was a great man with compassion and interlect. But not once as he walked through the streets , did he stop , in front of a gay man and told his followers , to hate this man ,to belittle him and make his life worthless. I think the man had too much love in him for this.

  14. Since when has the Christian religion been exclusively straight? LGBT’s have been part of all religions since the year dot. It’s the modern day homophobes who try to shove their heterosexual version of religion down everyone’s throats.

    If modern day Christians want to live by a Middle Eastern Bronze age code of conduct then let’s see if they enjoy cutting the hands off criminals, or stoning those who commit adultery to death. No shellfish or pork ever again either. The draconian practices of 2000 years ago do not fit into contemporary society which is democratic. Even the food laws, meant to prevent infection and illness at that time, are irrelevant now. Homophobic Christians are such hypocrites when it comes to adhering to scripture. They pick and choose what they don’t like and ignore the rest. AS LGBT’s we do not have to apologise for our existence nor request tolerance from any religion. Equal rights are a fundamental right in democracy and it’s about time LGBT’s were given the same rights as everyone else in society.

    Two faced Christians who claim they believe in tolerance while at the same time attacking LGBT equality are no friends of democracy and equal rights.

  15. Does it really make any difference what Kevin Rudd thinks?

    In Canada the Prime Minister was dead set against same-sex legislation, but the Bill passed the readings in the House, went through the Senate and received the Royal Assent four years ago.

    Is Australia a democracy or not?

    The RC Church can lobby, but its tax exemption status is endangered by too much interference with politics. Somebody should reming Bishop Tell to tread carefully, for once.

  16. There is a difference between believing in God and believing in the church’s teachings. I’m straight and Catholic (and yes, I am reading news on a gay news site, why is that a problem Stevie C?)and I’ve been brought up by a loving and devoted mother, and regularly had visits from our parishes priest. My mother never taught me to hate gays, she would’ve killed me if she found out I did! Nor did my church. Ever. What I was taught was to be like Christ, and when he saved the woman who had committed adultery by saying, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her”, I took it to heart. I believe that gays should be given the rights every other human being has. I believe that whilst religions, for their own reasons may deny same-sex marriage, should not control a non-religious groups actions on the topic.

    If they do, then it is not a christian quality. I know that you’ll say it is because it’s the ‘church’, but it is not. It is a group of men in love with the power they hold more then the truth and point of their dedications.

    I hope the day comes very soon where we can vote for same-sex marriages, and when it does, I will say yes.

  17. Rudd, your a Dud!! You disgust me!! I dont know how you can get to sleep at night.

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