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Video: John Barrowman and David Tennant lock lips

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Reader comments

  1. Maybe I have a very sad life but that was cute and made me smile :D

  2. Yeah, I thought that that was cute as well.

    Huge fan of David Tennant.

  3. Nothing sad about it. They’re friends having a bit of fun, knowing it will cause ripples across the known universe! Good on them!


  4. ooo la la!

  5. I’m sure it made John Battowman’s day and added sensationalism to the event!

  6. Look at him, he’s such a (lituraly) screaming fanboy!

    I’d probably have had the same responce to kissing *either* of them.

  7. Brian Burton 29 Jul 2009, 8:14am

    Footballers are always kissing and Bottom pinching. Goodness only knows what happens in the communal showers after the game? (Indoor Games?)

  8. Does anyone know why I can see the video, am I doing something wrong.

  9. Mihangel apYrs 29 Jul 2009, 10:30am

    I’ve always thought that Tennant is possibly one of the sexiest men on TV – not the handsomest, but the something else.

    JB is a cute guy (met him once, and gave him a chaste goodbye kiss). He’s less overpowering off screen and does have a sweet vulnerability about him.

    maybe your site bans showing videos.

  10. Trish, if the video’s not working through Pink News you could try googling its Youtube url:

    Mihangel – lucky you :D JB’s also a very kind person. I saw an incident on his latest tour which brought tears to my eyes – an offstage genuine show of compassion.

  11. Dr Who has brought the positivegay issue onto the screens in a way no other series has done; there are the in little jokes when Jack starts to chat someone up (male or female!) and the point that a lot of kids understand and don’t seem to be bothered by it! You can hardly call Capt Jack a pansy!

  12. On the comment about communal showers at football, assuming you mean the British game, don’t know about America, very few clubs have communal showers or baths any more because of hygiene concerns. The last communal bath in the premiership was at Anfield and the last time I was there, I heard that was being done away with.

    As for John Barrowman, yep, sweet vulnerability is definitely him off screen. He is a sweetheart.

  13. @Trish you probably need codec installed on your system. Trying downloading k-lite (it’s free) and install then try again.
    Super stuff and very cute. I have also been waiting for that for years from these two. I am a great fan of both David and John

  14. That’s just so darn cute! Squeeing like that and falling over. Too funny.

  15. Brian Burton 1 Aug 2009, 7:47am

    Communal shower baths banned because of hygiene concerns? Dr. Who would spin in his Tardus at the news. Soccar has become a namby-pamby game with obcene wages….And that is since I saw Patrick Trouten Take his first venture into the unknown in his Tardus!

  16. its Tardis, not tardus, brian

    i love how after this happened, someone told David what a fangasm was, and that he had caused one xD

  17. who kissed who did david go for john or did john go for david

  18. they’ve took the video off!! =[

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