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Norton receives thumbs up from Wogan over Eurovision

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 28 Jul 2009, 2:37pm

    ” Wogan added: “I thought it was wonderful. A spectacular show without a flaw in it.” ”


    However the arrest by the entire gay pride parade by the facist Russian police and the refusal of the Eurovision to acknowledge or mention the facist behaviour of the police was a serious lowpoint in Eurovision history.

  2. Brian Burton 28 Jul 2009, 4:11pm

    I have only watched Eurovision Crap once, but never again!

  3. @Simon:

    Yes, and the previous year in Serbia was as bad as Russia for gay people.

    We’ll show them how it’s done next year in Oslo.

  4. Oh, and might I add that I listened to the replay of Norton’s commentary and I was very amused.

    However, I finally understand now why you hardly ever get any votes from other fellow european countries. All that cynicism, sarcasm and mockery is A LOT to digest in one sitting.

    Please don’t torch me.

  5. Exactly Simon, show went flawlessly, pity about the police brutality going on against gay people outside.

  6. Nil Points for Graham – for not doing enough to highlight the disgusting treatment of gay people that day by the Russian police..

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