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Northern Ireland

No restrictions for Belfast Pride

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Reader comments

  1. belfast pride is probly the most important pride in the uk at the moment. pride is a collosal ‘f-you’ to everyone who wants to keep us silent and hidden and northern ireland has such people openly living at the top of its government. im looking forward to seeing the protesters make fools of themselves.

  2. Agreeing with xaria on this one. I always love seeing the protestors, all ten of them shouting against thousands of people. We’ve come a long way. Seriously though, cannot wait for what should be a day of affirmation and activism and a night of…

  3. Stand tall and proud we are all with you Belfast Pride.

  4. Simon Murphy 28 Jul 2009, 2:21pm

    Oh – the reason that Christopher Stratford was offended by the ‘God is a fag’ sign was because he was protesting at the parade calling the participants an ‘abomination’

    Double standards much.

    I wonder if The Wicked Witch of the North will be featured this year. Iris Robinson (aforementioned wicked witch) was quite the focal point at last year’s parade.

  5. Its Christopher STALFORD actually… I know.. its my surname and Im his gay second cousin… Dont know him tho, wouldn’t mind having a conversation at a family do tho!!

  6. Simon Murphy 28 Jul 2009, 2:41pm


    You could perhaps ask him how can possibly be offended by a harmless reference to a fictional character’s homosexuality when he is protesting real, living people are being abominations who are destined to hell. ;)

    Then again if you did that I feel you’d be quickly disinvited from the event.

  7. Hey well I think that next year everyone from across the UK should travel from the big cities of Brighton, Manchester, London, Birmingham etc and go to the smaller events in Belfast, Plymouth, Cornwall, Cambridge etc etc etc . . .


  8. Always nice to see the Parades Commission standing up to the bigots – as my favourite ever Belfast Pride placard says ‘You can’t re-route this fruit!’

  9. Being gay and a pagan and from Belfast I am very much looking forward to the pride march I have missed the past few years ones even missed last years as I was in Port william a small village in scotland my only compainlt is its not very well advisted to new people who in the past have never joined the march i know its heald the same date every year just never the day of the march i also know there normaly events the whole week I get the menaing of the pride pardes but i do have to laugh at times as people could start up a blonde pride parde for seeing how thats in a persons getic make up as well how ever the pride paarde is there to show that we are not afrid to be our selfs and not who other people say we should be sorry for my bad spelling well happt pride all and many blessings of love and light and seeing as i love top hug tons of hugs for evrey one even the haters :)

    Brian R

  10. Both the loyalist and nationalist communities need to unite to eradicate the perversion of homosexuality from this proud land.

  11. both the loyalist and nationalist communities are united at pride every year in the hope of eradicating narrow minded fuckwits like you and your backward thinking.

  12. “Both the loyalist and nationalist communities need to unite to eradicate the perversion of homosexuality from this proud land.”

    Wow, what a shining example of Ireland you are, Gael. And a shining example of a dying breed on this island you are too… and not a moment too soon, then the rest of us can be proud you and your stupid and bigoted religious kind will be finally gone from our country.

  13. Gael, why are you even on a site like this?

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