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HIV worker gets naked for gay charities on the Fourth Plinth

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Reader comments

  1. Hahah, amazing! It takes real courage to do something like that and I’m sure eric has broken down many a stereotype. Does anyone else have the other photos? Being arty farty myself I’d love to see the angel of the north impersonation.

  2. If we knew when he was one, we could watch the whole thing on the One&Other website where it’s been archived

  3. It was earlier today. here is his page. The video starts 1.47min in… enjoy

  4. BRAVO Mr Eric!!

  5. What a hoot! :P Fantastic

  6. Peter Rivendell 28 Jul 2009, 3:18pm

    That’s inspired me to register – not that I would ever plan on being as brave as him.

  7. Good for him but my suggestion for a use for the plinth is put Boris on it and leave him there!!!

  8. Good on you Eric you are a star

  9. Yes, it’s brave…but does it really breakdown stereoptypes – IMO I think it re-inforces them.

  10. Well, when he’s up there at the start people will be thinking about how gay he is. “Oh it’s just a faggot. HIV is a faggots disease”. But when he’s standing there in the end he doesn’t look so gay. Infact without his clothes you can’t tell the difference. I think it’s brilliant.

  11. I go with BC on this. Yes, let’s all have a bloody good laugh about HIV/AIDS while I get my todger out. What a tosser.

    As usual, gay men want equality and to be treated just like everyone else, and then they act like this, bringing the usual bad reputation on us all. Everyone complains about the gay stereotypes, but at the same time, everyone seems to actively live up to what the rest of the world expects of us.

  12. Hah, robn, do you actually know any gay people? Most of us do, in some shape or another conform to certain gay stereotypes. No smoke without fire. I think you need to realise its not our job to conform to mainstream culture. By the way, self loathing’s not a very attractive thing, maybe if you didn’t do it you’d get laid a bit more and wouldn’t have to take out your frustrations on the internet. I think this guy’s very brave.

  13. j: So your yardstick of successful someone is ‘how much you get laid’? – That just about sums up how shallow the average gay man really is. Pathetic.

    I don’t loathe myself, but I know, (and loathe), plenty of gay people and avoid most of them because they are predominantly like you; full of their own selfish, egotistical self-worth. Try looking at the real world and how other people view gay people instead of a fucking mirror all the time.

  14. WOW – the onlt THT campaign that has ever got any decent coverage.

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