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BT named most gay-friendly company in the world

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Reader comments

  1. Now I feel guilty c’os I’ve just gone to Virgin(!!!!)

  2. I’ve been hearing for many years how good BT is with regard to LGBT employees. Mind you, they’ve been a pain in the arse when it comes to phone and internet services, and requesting help with same. Good to work for, not so good to buy from.

  3. I’ll have to ask my friend who works in a local BT call centre taking crap from disgruntled customers all day about his thoughts on this.

  4. I think all this ‘gay friendly workplace’ stuff looks good on paper. However, I worked for a so called gay friendly employer a few years ago, and found that there were just as many bigots there as anywhere else. Certain employers may tick all the right boxes, but the reality of day to day work can be quite different.

  5. Gay friendly, maybe, but their customer service has all the charm and warmth of Atilla the Hun the morning after a heavy night’s pillaging.

  6. 25, 30 years ago BT was a haven for gay men at telephone exchanges ( Operator 100 – What number do you want? ) due to its flexible hours working policy way before the new technologies and EU legislation. Perfect for gayers working in theatre and other creative industries who needed time off for auditions, extras work or a short run on tour . It deserves this current accolade.

  7. I work for them and have to say i can believe this, im openly Trans and in transation at my work and there amazing with it, and ive had no problems whatsoever.

  8. I have to say i can believe this, i am openly trans and in transition at work and there supportive of it and ive had no problems whatsoever.

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