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Gay police couple have baby after sister acts as surrogate

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Reader comments

  1. I see an apoplectic fit in that wee corner of the British Isles where they have only just got the ferry to work on a Sunday, in direct contravention to the “Word of God…”.. to say nothing of the civil-partnership ceremony they just had…

    Doncha just love it!!
    Lighting that bloo touch paper on Nov. 5th and waiting for the sparks..


    Bloody hot here in Koh Samui….in so many ways..


  2. What an adorable baby. Look at the tiny, little toes!!!

    Congratulations Steve & Ivan. Thank you, Lorna!

  3. Simon Murphy 27 Jul 2009, 10:47am

    Um – nice story. But where is the ‘news’ element?

  4. True, it isn’t really news. This sort of thing happens relatively frequently. I have certainly heard of other gay couples who have used the sibling of the non-biological parent as a donor or surrogate. It means that the non-biological parent does have a genetic link to the child. I think it is marvellous.

  5. I don’t think there is one. Unless you count a small step forward in the normalisation of gay people as news. Fair play to them both and congratulations.

  6. Simon Murphy 27 Jul 2009, 12:34pm

    I really don’t see to publish this type of story. On a news level it is entirely irrelevant. On a human interest level it is mildly diverting but not even that interesting. Just because the Sun reported on it does not make it news.

    It will become a news story only if the Sun decide to turn it into a ‘aren’t gays weird?’ story which they don’t seem to have done.

  7. I just saw the coverage in the Sun on this and I am shocked at the appalingly shoddy journalism. This is front page news! Why? It says that they are the first gay couple of father a child- what on earth are they on about- that’s just ridiculous! The Sun have published plenty of other articles on gay fathers, including the Barlow-Drewitts. Do even Sun readers believe this kind of garbage?

  8. Dawn V. Swanson 27 Jul 2009, 4:35pm

    I am from Michigan! I think it is great and I am ohhhhh! I hope they have a great wife!
    Sincerely Yours, Dawn

  9. John (Derbyshire) 28 Jul 2009, 11:11am

    Just wait untail Iain Duncan Smith gets his proposed new “broken family” legislation through. They won`t have a chance of registering the birth!!

  10. Bloody Marvellous! Good luck to them. I’m sure they’ll make a smashing family. And cops to boot. Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime but glad I have. Well done

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