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Beverley Knight to headline UK Black Pride

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Reader comments

  1. something tells me the music is likely to be miles better than at the usual gay pride events…..

    hope it’s a storming success! x

  2. racist much? unless, i assume, there’s going to be a white pride too?

  3. Mihangel apYrs 27 Jul 2009, 12:51pm

    Don’t knock it Jay.

    The black community has a nasty under-current of homophobia, especially in some of their churches. And the Asian and other BME people tend to be quite isolated in their communities and on the fringesof gay life.

    Anything that makes life easier for these people must be good; our white, gay community has a fairly well-established place now

  4. Beverley supports gay rights and AIDs charities; she has spoken out against homophobic rapp artists and the way the LGBT community suffer in Jamaica; good for her!!!

  5. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 27 Jul 2009, 1:04pm

    Did an interview with Beverly on black community and sexuality, check it out on

  6. How is a black pride event held in the middle of Regents Park meant promote awareness in communities where ethnic LGBTs are still struggling to “foster a sense of pride in our identities”? We already had a General Pride. It wasn’t a white pride! If anything this Pride should aim to achieve raising awareness in their communities because most ethnic minorities can do with a reality check when it comes to homosexuality within the community.

  7. Then you should suggest that focus to them, Juno. I don’t think PinkNews has any control or say over what happens at a Black-focused Pride Event.

    Obviously the community feels there’s a need, or this wouldn’t be going into its fourth year.

  8. My comment has nothing to do with PinkNews having control over anything Anna. I have in fact made quiet a few suggestions through the event organisers and several black LGBT forums in the past regarding the focus of black pride after having attended in the past two years. I’m not against the event. I just feel a little more could be done to educate the communities (particularly ethnic groups) through this event.

  9. I go with Jay: Why don’t we have “music of white origin” awards, or “white awareness month”? These people berate segregation, accuse everyone of non-integration, and then do crap like this. If ever there was a divisive concept, it is this. We have enough trouble being a minority, without splitting it into minuscule fragments, each with their own agenda.

  10. Heavens liosten to some of these comments – so I guess those who dont like the idea have a view on some straight peoples views on ‘Gay’ Pride events persa? Listen the ‘gay community’ businesses, media, charities, AIDS org are all lead by and for white gay men so whats the big deal that BME gays want something they can claim – isn’t that what Harvey Milk did for gays? Get a life folks – loive and let live and to those going have a great day

  11. So BME girls and guys want an event to celebrate their existance – doesn’t sound so odd after all their a Pride events held up and down the country that shout beiong gay is ok to straights why not BMe groups shouting the same thing – 2 the ‘we dont ahve a white mobo’ you do its called the music industry – get over it

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