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X-Factor losers cause controversy at Thanet Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Who are these people?!

  2. SImon Murphy 24 Jul 2009, 6:12pm

    Why is this being reported? Thanet Pride is not a gay event. If there are no references to the queerfolk on the website and it’s being marketed as a’family event’ then I hardly think this is a gay story. What is ‘Thanet Pride’? Is that meant to represent pride in the village of Thanet?

  3. “Organisers chose not to use the word ‘gay’ when publicising the event in an effort to attract as many people as possible and there are no LGBT references on the Thanet Pride website.”

    As one of Enid Blyton’s characters might have said, “how very queer”…

  4. Simon, Thanet is quite a large area, it is the north eastern area of East Kent, and Margate falls within it. Thanet Pride IS a gay pride event. The organizers decided to try maximise attendance by not advertising it as a gay festival. Strange, I agree. I wonder what it was like. Were there any manifestations of the mysterious “gayness” at all? East Kent is “full” of trannies. Were they visible.

  5. Mihangel apYrs 27 Jul 2009, 10:55am

    rather begs the question “what are they proud about?” wot!

  6. i was there reporting for gay radio uk unaware of this non gay situation been reported ..the event was fantastic reminding me of early prides im sorry for the man who had to tolerate this ummm foul outburst maybe he should open his ears a little more in the playground ???? a local brighton girl i can assure you the mention of pride does not deter members of the straight community from attending and making a good day from the pink pound..and with the wonderful BUCKS FIZZ heading its hardly GLASTONBURY …

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