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Trans woman demands move to female prison

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Reader comments

  1. SImon Murphy 24 Jul 2009, 6:08pm

    Hmmmm – in jail for attepted rape of a shop assistant? Was this shop assistant male or female? If the victim was female then I don’t it would be appropriate to move this prisoner to a women’s prison. If the victim of the attempted rape is female my attitude to the rapist would be “Screw her human rights”. I don’t think it would be good to allow a rapist in a woman’s prison.

  2. If she is now legally female she should be in a female prison. Female hormones kill off the male sex drive.
    Prisoners DO have human rights,and trans people have human rights too. Maybe this is as a problem of transition, i.e. when in time did this person become female from male. but as now she is recognised LEGALLY as female…there is absolutely no argument. She is a woman in a man’s prison. END OF.

  3. Its a simple solution mover her from isolation in a male prison into isolation in a female prison.

    Just because she is trans does not excuse the offences she committed and potential victims should be protected.

  4. Andromeda is spot on. The prison doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. I wonder simon, if she was a lesbian would you still want her moved to a man’s prison for raping a woman?

  5. Women in the women’s prison will be in dangeg from this person. She is physically stronger than the women, and has proved that she is violent! The interests of those born as women, and without her stength, should be paramunt, The sex xhnage is not complete!

  6. If she’s female in law, she should be in a female prison: that’s quite plain. It’s not a matter of unwarranted privilege – she shouldn’t even be allowed in a male prison, any more than any other female.

    Simon (1): are you proposing a rule that a female rapes another female, she should be held in a male prison?

    Abi1975 (3): Are you talking about solitary confinement? I don’t think it works like that. Solitary confinement is banned under article 3 of the Geneva Convention.

  7. Isolation is not solitary confinement its more like protective custody. Its where sex offenders end up a fitting place for her.

  8. being trans is a medical condition, shes female and treat her as such. i doubt shes the only female on female rapist in the prison system, but i suspect shes the only one in a male prison.

    to treat her as a male prisoner sends the message that transwomen are not women, which frankly is unacceptable.

  9. jules she is NOT physically stronger. a transwoman on hormones is as strong as any other women. hormones make transwomen lose more than half their muscle mass. kindly do some research before typing.

  10. brendalana 25 Jul 2009, 8:31am

    It appears that not only does the Gender Recognition Act of 2004 have no validity outside Britain, but that this dog’s breakfast piece of legislation seemingly lacks validity when it comes to the incarceration of gender certificated folk within Britain, too…

  11. Of course the Gender Recognition Act has no real validity. How could it without any surgical requirements? It was always a meaningless sop to the ECHR and Press for Change.

  12. This does render thw whole GRC process meaningless, doesn’t it. “You’re legally female….. but *we* know you’re not, not *really*…”

  13. one of the reasons i hate the grc is the loophole to allow the judicial system to decide whether im male or female. its a joke.

  14. Pumpkin Pie 25 Jul 2009, 10:35pm

    Of course the Gender Recognition Act has no real validity. How could it without any surgical requirements? It was always a meaningless sop to the ECHR and Press for Change.

    Why would you want somebody to undergo invasive, unnecessary, expensive, imperfect and risky surgical procedures to prove their gender to you? That’s pretty Mengele-esque.

  15. Mihangel apYrs 25 Jul 2009, 10:45pm

    @Pumpkin Pie

    we try to understand, accept, and accommodate people, but there’s a lot we need to have explained to us about gender dysphoria and its manifestations.

    And we need trans people to give us the space and understanding to allow us to understand

  16. No prisoner with a penis should be in a women’s prison. No body should be legally a woman if they still have a penis. If he’s had it taken off and completed the surgery then fine. If not, then he should stay in the men’s. The protection of the women in that prison is more important than some legal argument over where a rapist should be housed.

  17. Mihangel apYrs 27 Jul 2009, 10:38am

    “She told the court how the prisoner was desperate to get her gender reassignment surgery, but that medics refused to perform the procedure until she had lived as a woman for a significant amount of time, which would only be possible in a women’s prison.”

    She can’t get rid of the penis until she’s lived as a woman for a certain length of time. She isn’t in the right place to allow that in a man’s prison.

    Not is a conundrum, but she’d be safer in a women’s prison, and the other women would be too with proper supervision.

  18. Mihangel apYrs 27 Jul 2009, 10:40am

    I meant “quite a conundrum…” I started one idea and and finished a different one……

  19. I think He/She should be where she should not remain a signifigant risk to others! A Mental Health Facility!

  20. I think this entire matter is really a case of a patriarchal dominated “systems” and its transphobia! Since she is legally already a female, a judge should just waive the 1 or 2 year waiting period for her living full time as a woman and then order the government to immediately allow her to complete her transition by giving her the gender reconstruction surgery she needs. Once the surgery has been completed, then have her incarcerated into a women’s prison. end of story!

  21. I have no sympathy for this person, who killed a friend of mine.
    Just go to thisisthenortheast . co . uk (remove the gaps) and search on the name Michael Cutler to find the full details.

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