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Daniel Radcliffe comes out as a Lib Dem

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Reader comments

  1. John (Derbyshire 24 Jul 2009, 1:18pm

    IsAttitude stll owned by the guy who owns the Express? Richard Desmond? If so, I find it difficult to understand why the Express made a viscious homophobic attack on Radcliffe this week. Looks like the views are inconsistent

  2. Is he insane?

    The Liberal Democrats are lying double crossing bastard’s, at least with the Tory Party you know you aren’t going to get anywhere so why bother trying!

  3. Craig: Any vote against Labour is one in the right direction. However forgive the lad, he’s still young. He will learn sooner or later as he watches his millions get hammered at 80% or more income tax.

  4. Stuart Neyton 24 Jul 2009, 3:47pm

    RobN, you seem to confuse “millions” with “nobody”. As much as I would love the richest 1% to pay 80% income tax, the highest rate is I think only going to be 50% when it goes up.

    I find your rejection of his opinion based on his age insulting. Why shouldn’t he have an opinion in a democratic system?

  5. To be fair, RobN did say “his millions”, presumably in reference to Radcliffe’s earnings. Still, if I were making a lot of money, I’d be happy to see most of it spent on the NHS, roads, clean water, all those public good things. Then again, taxes are usually spent mostly on useless wars these days, but I think RobN would like those, so I don’t think he should complain too hard.

    Anyway, DanRad should vote Green like a sensible person :)

  6. vulpus_rex 24 Jul 2009, 4:14pm

    At least he is demonstrating an active interet in politics and is showing signs of a mind of his own.

    Thank god he hasn’t become a typical “luvvie” and isn’t preparing for a lifetime of sucking up to the Labour party, no matter what an appalling parody of its former self it has become.

  7. Stuart Neyton 24 Jul 2009, 4:23pm

    Oops, misread RobN’s comment, sorry.

  8. Brian Burton 24 Jul 2009, 5:16pm

    I have never seen a Harry Potter Movie and I had to wonder who this Danial Radcliffe is? It shows how much interest I have in this story…Ah! well Dougal–back to bed on the ‘Magic Roundabout.’

  9. Hey well at least it shows that we are all different – however, as a LibDem supporter I would encourage EVERYONE to vote for them. Please note that it’s ONLY the Liberal Democrats who believe in full equality – including for our trans brothers and sisters.



  10. Is he a supporter as it would take real magic for the Lib Dems to be elected?!! he he.

    I think it’s good he has an interest in politics. I left the Lib Dems sometime ago as they are far too populist for my liking. They will jump on most bandwagons and then take the moral high ground, talking up their “positive” campaign, when in actuality they fight a very dirty fight! And Daniel can, as well as hanging out with the political hacks, also hang out with the sandals and beard brigade (they do exist)!

  11. In my Town the LibDems have control and they have refused utterly to support the gay community. They believe supporting the gay community would only encourage people to join the BNP.

    In February I search there 200 page website for key words like Gay and Black and found nothing This is what a leading member of the LibDem’s said to me after I confronted them about it:

    “Just because we don’t plaster things all over websites does not mean we don’t do things.”

    “Personally, I prefer action to loads of words on websites.”

    “That does not mean going on about such issues on the web – indeed, there is good evidence to suggest that making a big issue of it on the web would be a way to INCREASE not decrease homophobia and racism.”

    They now have 300 pages and still nothing has appeared!

    I’ll never vote LibDem ever again

  12. Wow, I like Daniel Radcliff’s thinking on lots of issues. Is there a way we can make him an Honorary Gay, for support to Gay people and common sense? Keep it up Dan!

  13. Lib Dem? Good intentions but….

    unlucky lad ha ha!

    It’s all the same masks on the same face, the 3 parties are sponsored by the same bastards anyway.

    Same shit, different arseholes.

    Sieg Heil the Big Brother police state!

  14. I’ve contacted the 8 MSPs who repreent me in the Scottish Parliament several times, on a number of issues. The ONLY one who has NEVER replied is the Lib Dem. Also, when they were in power with Labour in Edinburgh, they forgot their principles for ministerial jobs. By the way, I’m not a member of, and do not even support, any political party.

  15. But it is good that someone young, famous and popular like Daniel Radcliffe is politically aware and speaking out about politics and also homophobia.

  16. RobN – your reference to Daniel’s age and implicit suggestion that he is therefore inexperienced (in life) is patronising and self-elavating in the extreme.

    You fall into the trap of thinking that those that live longer are more experienced and therefore have more legitimacy in comment. Rubbish!

    I find many of your comments naive, ill-educated and prejudiced.

    Experience is a product of longevity, depth, chronicity and level of awareness. So, for example, it is possible for a 20 year old to be more ‘experienced’ than the 50 year old who has lived the superficial year over and over again for 30 years.

    My point? “He will learn sooner or later….” like there is some available truth in life to be uncovered by the aged ‘wise’. I don’t think so – I know some very wise young men and women.

  17. Many of us are getting pretty sick of moronic actors and musicians pushing their uninformed, ignorant, Hollywood Liberalism on the world. I WAS going to go see Harry Potter and take my niece. I will now take that money and spend it elsewhere, perhaps on the book instead. What happens when these whore actors get some power is they turn around and try to influence the way people think. Typical Hollywood Limousine Liberals push their lies of “UNITY CHANGE HOPE” and we end up with 4 more years of Bush. So this little dunce can call his idiot viewers but everyone gets older and wiser and gets hip the fact that Liberals are greasy liar scum just like conservatives. We’re just sick of the slimy way Liberals go about drilling their idiocy to our young people. Barack the Liberal is an open Bigot who is anti-gay marriage, won’t work on DOMA, refuses to fulfill his promise on DADT, has aligned himself with the Christian Bigot movement belonging to Rev. Wrights church and propping up Rev. Wright, both, acerbically homophobic. Barack also promised to end the War on Terror but has instead expanded by sending what is now almost 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and leaving a 1/3 of the troops in Iraq and has escalated the war to the tune of having over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan by years end. This is from the “no more war hope change hope change hope change” guy. He also pledged to repeal the Patriot Act but has instead expanded it. He has spent hundreds of billions bailing out crooks who are hijacking this country and everyone is losing their jobs. AMERICA has over 9% unemployment. He didn’t INHERIT the CONTINUAL BAIL OUTS! He has spent trillions and trillion and trillions on the stimulus which has done exactly squat for the taxpayer and his approval rating is now at 49% but oh I forget the Liberals who were obssessed with polls, suddenly don’t think polls mean anything when they are talking about Americans sinking opinion of Barky. Now liberals LOVE everything that Bush has been doing for the past 8 years because BARACK is doing it? Oh OK, I see how it works now. Too bad the anti-war movement isn’t buying it. Congress just approved 97 billion more dollars for the perpetual War on Terror that now belongs to Barky and his America hating wife.

  18. Richard: There is an old saying:
    “Young men think old men are fools…
    …old men *know* young men are fools”

    I’m not saying the lad’s an idiot, he has some very good opinions and a sensible head, however experience can never be learned ahead of time. Anyone who says they didn’t wish they knew at 20 what they now know at 40 or 50 is either talking out of their arses, or learned jack-shit on the way.

    Oh, and I think he should go UKIP. (Greens without leftie attitude)

  19. God, what a load of bitter and negative comments here.
    Actually, it’s good to start to hear the presence of the younger generation as they break through. At least, in this case, it’s someone with genuine liberal tendancies. If all DR’s generation feel as he does, then maybe they will usher in something new when they move on into the world. Everyone else here sounds like a load of old cats tied up in a sack-cloth waiting to be drowned in the river.

  20. Stewart Cowan 25 Jul 2009, 12:39pm

    He’s very young – he’ll grow out of it.

  21. Tim – take a chill-pill dude.

    I agree that its good that he has solid political opinions. The piece of the article mentioned on this website certainly seems to demonstrate that Daniel has thought carefully about why his views are what they are, and how his life experiences have so far led him to those opinions. I look forward to reading the entire interview in the magazine.

  22. The Lib Dems seem to be the ‘safe’ option for those who want subscribe to broadly liberalish ideas without the historial/sectarian baggage of Labour or the Tories. However, Nick Clegg showed his true colours by calling for a clean fight in the Norwich North by-election and then calling the Green candidate “an extremist”.

    They just represent politics as usual.

  23. The Lib Dems are cool and so is Daniel Radcliffe. The Lib dems are the only truly Liberal party. The Tories and New Labour have tried to occupy the middle ground but they are both authoritarian and corrupt. Only the Lib Dems and the Green Party are true to their ideals and principles. Clegg is the only leader who is serious about parliamentary/electoral reform and restoration of our civil liberties. Radcliffe is LGBT-friendly and so are the Lib Dems. Sometimes, young people can teach the rest of us because they have open minds.

  24. Mihangel apYrs 26 Jul 2009, 12:08am

    don’t be so precious: watch the film, it is worth it.

    And the young should be liberal: trying to help the world, caring… It’s only age, rxperience, disillusionment that kills the enthusiasm and makes us carabbed and untrusting. It’s a horrible denouement, but unfortunately true. For most of us: some retain the unsullied belief that people are good and altuistic

  25. RobN,

    Sorry to see you’ve missed my point – and re-inforced it through your words.

    I agree that life is personal learning journey. What I can’t agree is that this applied comparatively.

    So where you take inspiration from ‘old sayings’ – that ironically, are used to justify and legitimise credibility and tranferability in terms of being ‘old’. I prefer to rely on social scientific evidence, with which I work. Unfortunately (in general) I have known too many old fools to simply allow age to be a factor in whether I can relate to a person’s deep experiences of life – people are much more than a series of years…….

    I work with too many people that fail to challenge their own grip on the world because ‘you can’t teach old dogs new tricks’ or ‘i am such and such old now…’ This is a barrier towards open-ness of experience and is a tired and redundant assumption.

    I’m with Michael that the best re-learned position is the open, spontaneous, ‘immature’ disposition where we have energy for life and contact the world in new and exciting ways. I also agree that the majority are good and altruistic – it’s pessimism, fear, cultural ideologies and a loss of life energy that represses, at what ever age!

  26. Richard: Well if nothing else, it demonstrates that even people with your experience can still talk crap. People are naturally selfish, and if you see an altruistic behaviour, beware, because it usually indicates a buried ulterior motive. All this touchy-feely homeopathic, save-the-whale bollocks just sets you up for a major fall. People are born innocent, but soon learn to look after number one. Always assume guilty until proven innocent.
    I might sound cynical, but better than wise after the event.

  27. Justin Hinchcliffe 26 Jul 2009, 9:36pm

    What a dirty little secret he’s been habouring for all these years. Hope he goes back into the closet, politically speaking.

  28. Robin Kilgore 27 Jul 2009, 3:11am

    Mr. Radcliffe doesn’t need anyone’s approval to have a voice politically. I respect his willingness and interest to take part in the process at whatever level he chooses. It’s far better than the apathy of those that hold to a “party” and, yet, do little to stay informed about what their party is actually up to or doing. The selfish interests of those further up the political “food chain” is rarely perceived for what it really is and as vehement as many “appear” to be about their “party’s” politics,….the sad fact is that they are, more often than not, being manipulated and led around like sheep by those that are supposed to represent them.
    So, pay no attention to the naysayers, Mr. Radcliffe. I applaud your progressive and forward thinking choice to support the Lib Dems. It bespeaks your HUMANITY and desire to share in a JUST, PEACEFUL, and SUSTAINABLE WORLD.

  29. RobN… I took something quite different from your quote:
    “Young men think old men are fools…
    …old men *know* young men are fools”

    Intellectually as well as physically, age can take away as much as it gives.

    The obvious reading of your quotation is that old men *know* young men are fools because they have been young men. But it also makes sense as a demonstration of the closed-minded dogmatism of old age.

    In politics, I think the vivaciousness, innocence, forthrightness, energy (etc, etc) of youth have *at least* as much to offer as the experience of age.

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