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Boris Johnson says he will not enter GLA for Stonewall’s top employer list

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Reader comments

  1. Eh?
    Am I interpreting this correctly: in order to bring Londoners together he’s stopping the GLA being in line for a big ol’ slap on the back & heart hurrah from Stonewall?
    So it’s ‘divisive’ to even be seen getting a thank you from an LGBT group?

    Surely I’m reading this wrong?

  2. “However, my ultimate aim is to achieve equal life chances for all, including the LGBT community, and take a new approach that brings Londoners together, rather than dividing them. It is for this reason that I have decided not to enter the Stonewall Index.”

    This is a euphemism for . . . lets not upset the homophobes

    The only person Boris is dividing is the straights for the queers

  3. He said;
    “However, my ultimate aim is to achieve equal life chances for all, including the LGBT community, and take a new approach that brings Londoners together, rather than dividing them. It is for this reason that I have decided not to enter the Stonewall Index.”

    If you speak to heterosexual people today they will say they are in a white minority, what he is saying is he wants to reduce funding for the gay community by encompassing all parts of the mainstream community in London

  4. Meant to say:

    This is a euphemism for . . . lets not upset the homophobes

    The only person Boris is dividing is the straights from the queers

  5. Craig . . . exactly

  6. Boris is a bungling blond Tory Fascist!

    London Pride next year should be a proper demonstration of over 1,000,000 people. But I don’t think the homophobicly racist Met Police will be able to cope with that many people.

    Boris may have to consider banning the Event?

  7. Maybe Boris, like many others, wants fuck all to do with leftie socialists riding on the gay wave, but actually doing sod all. No wonder the likes of Craig support them.

    Craig: How *do* you manage to be a mouthpiece and an arsehole at the same time?

  8. Is it more important that an organisation seeks equaltiy for all through its culture, policies & procedures and working environment, or that they pay a large sum of money to Stonewall so that they can post a logo on their website?

    Programmes such as Diversity Champions and the Equality Index are easy ways for organisations to appear to support LGBT staff without actually having to do much about it. It’s much harder, and much more admirable to go about it the hard way, for which Boris Johnson should be applauded.

    Giving certain priorities to certain groups is always divisive. We’ve seen this in the past with government funding being available specifically to support projects for women and minority ethnic people, to the detriment of the LGBT community.

    Why would anyone criticise someone for wanting equality for all? Grow up and stop bloody whining!

  9. (Big sigh!) Oh dear Boris still doesn’t get it does he! You can’t be Gay friendly one day and play with the poofs and then upset them by not taking part in Stonewall’s very worthy listing; most public bodies are falling over themselves to be top!

  10. Equality for all. A very honourable thought but some one please tell me how this is achieved through taking no action. I guess some people will always be more equal than others.

  11. Disgusting. Any gay person who voted for this nasty piece of work should hang their head in shame.

  12. vulpus_rex 24 Jul 2009, 3:12pm

    Hurrah for Boris.

    Thank God he is happy to stand up to loud mouthed bullies and refuse to give Stonewall a huge bung year after year.

    “Most public bodies” fall over themselves to sign up to this crap because they are run by like-minded, left wing sheep who clearly haven’t read the story about the emporer’s new clothes.

  13. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 24 Jul 2009, 3:27pm

    Having an equality benchmark is important – having best practice is progressive – but having a league table on who is better at being tolerant? I just don’t agree with that. We argue against this for schools, but we request it for organisations…bit miffed here!

  14. not sure what to make of this one… it seems like he’s put in the work at making the GLA a LGBT friendly environment, but he doesn’t want or need the recognition for doing so.
    It’s either a magnaminous gesture or flicking the bird depending on how you interpret it. I suspect he doesn’t want to upset the homophobes, which is a bad reason for refusing an award for equality. It’s a bit like making bold steps towards racial integration in the workplace but not accepting the recognition cause it may upset the KKK! It sends out mixed messages, and you can’t be all things to all people.

  15. Andy & Steve 24 Jul 2009, 3:52pm

    And to think all us moxuals are flooding in droves to support Tory homophobes at the ballot box.

    As stated before – homophobia in the Tory party isn’t an abberation – it’s a prerequisite to full Party membership, whatever the oil slicked Etonians gush about, Section 28 is still a viable proposition for many a Tory reactionary old fart.

    So – just how many queers are prepared to vote in a government that at it’s base at best distrusted gay people and a worst regards them as freaks not to be listened to but to be buried?

    Not that many, I’ll wager. Unless of course this is their first vote in which case Thatcher will only mean roof installation person….. such is the bliss of ignorance.

  16. SImon Murphy 24 Jul 2009, 6:02pm

    He’s a Tory. Considering that the Tory party are against equality (despite ‘Dave’ Cameron’s lies to the contrary) this is no surprise. First the alliance with the Polish bigots; followed by the ‘Centre for Social Justice’ scheme to remove parental rights for gay partners and now Johnson’s actions; it woudl seem that the LGBT community are being sent a clear warning about Tory intentions towards our legal rights after the next election. The Tories remain the nasty party.

  17. Re: vulpuis_rex, the first Craig and kin

    What on earth are you talking about with funding / “huge bungs”?
    A whole 30 seconds of research later…

    “Who can take part in the Index?

    Any employer in the UK can take part in the Index completely free of charge. However only members of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme will receive a meeting with Stonewall after taking part to explore their individual results in detail and receive guidance and support on continuing to improve.”

    And if you go on throught the Diversity Champions pages:

    “Please invoice us for the annual membership fee:
    Private/Public/Third sectors: £2,000+VAT”

    So it costs Boris and the city of London NOTHING to participate in the index, and a mammoth £2k if they want Stonewall’s staff advice after the assessment (and for the rest of the year).

    £2k Wouldn’t even cover the expense of Boris holding a press conference to clarify his position – or assemble an ‘expert’ panel to tell him what to say at it.

  18. Someone needs to sit down with Boris and calmly tell him what a pigheaded oaf he’s being.

  19. Bill Perdue 24 Jul 2009, 11:21pm

    Since Boris and his fellow homophobes took office the incidence of crimes against LGBT folks has risen in London. This is due in no small part to the assumption by thugs that they now have friends in high places. The conductor of the orchestra of government, the man who sets the tone for everyone from the police to the CPS, is a closet bigot who panders of other bigots.

    His hesitancy about the Stonewall awards may have more than one reason. It’s clear that he’s pandering to bigots and self loathing types but perhaps another reason Boris doesn’t want scrutiny by Stonewall is that things may be changing in the GLA as well as on the streets.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Jul 2009, 9:35am

    Possibly Boris has read the slating that Stonewall is getting in the comments on the story below:

    or possibly he is hacking back the budgets across all departments at the GLA to take acoount of the fact that many Londoners are now finding it increasingly difficult to support themselves in order to stem to habitual rises in council tax Red Ken forced upon us.

    Or possibly its both.

  21. I think RonN must be really stupid if he thinks Stonewall is a “leftie socialist” group? Maybe he should consider brushing up on his politics as well as seeing a therapist for his own internal homophobia. It can’t be easy hating gay men when you are gay yourself!

  22. Jame: Sadly, it’s very easy to hate gay men, I mean, they have so many reasons to target. I’m not homophobic, I just don’t like you.

    It’s fucking typical of you lot to immediately scream “homophobe!!” as soon as people don’t follow the gay mafia’s line. Stonewall are a bunch of useless, ineffectual tossers that have been sponging off the government for years; Boris has recognised this fact and pulled the plug on them, so they either start working for a living, or fold. He has obviously already had enough from corrupt people like Lee Jasper and doesn’t want to be supporting self-promoting ponces like Ben Summerskill. I am sure he has a budget for LGBT purposes, and I would expect him to benefit some more worthy causes such as Albert Higgins Trust who don’t shout about what they do, but just get on with the job.

  23. This is most probably a sign of the tory shift to come. BJ has already cut all ties to any symbol of the old left order which city hall traditonally had dealings with. It’s part of his ‘rationalising’ plan, not seen by himself as ‘political’ but rather a reassesment of what’s ‘reasonable’. At best conservative with a small ‘c’ through and through. At worst it lays the foundations for retrogressive and slide-back rightwing behaviours. He’s asking do we need this anymore ? as much as anything. It’s an interesting question, but i say yes. Stonewall is politically affilaited to the left only because it is the right who have historically attacked what they have worked for in recent history. The GLA would be better placed to align with them because Stonewall help promote against crime and prejudice in the Capital which are two causes the Mayor has personally taken to heart.

    This is BJ in reactionary mood and taking a gamble. It will only take a single major homophobic negative incident for his judgement to be cast in poor light and proved premature and prejudice rather than forward thinking and innovative which is what he is hoping for. Considering the current climate, i personally think it’s premature and risky. I also think it’s part of how the Torys will conqor Britain. They will take what they refer to as unreasonable politics out of national body-politic through aprogramme of selected cuts in funding and affiliation and by appealing to a notion of the ‘reasonable’ rather than the poltical at every turn.

  24. As one of those who witnessed an obviously drunk Boris, stumble onto the stage and slur his words at the Pride reception he was supposed to be hosting.

    I can not help but think Boris has a problem with up he needs to be waisted to occupy the same space as us.

    He is slowly silencing us by cutting our funding in all areas. Also by the slow commercialisation of pride turning a protest into a commercial presentation for the Boris lead city hall.

  25. Abi1975: Pride became a “celebration” rather than a political demonstration a long time ago. It’s only you and the Tatchellites that still witter on about inequality, whilst the rest of us, (including Boris), are getting pissed and having a good time.

  26. “It’s only you and the Tatchellites that still witter on about inequality”

    I had no idea that Britain was a fully equitable, non-discriminatory homosexual paradise, where all men and women of all sexualities had the same quality of life, the same chances of success, experienced no bias, no hatred, no verbal or physical assaults, and could even hold hands in public without fear of recrimination.

    That Britain must have passed me by.

  27. @Liam . . . some people unfortunately remain and want to remain living in the 1950s . . . not every one it appears wants to embrace the 21st century

  28. Liam: The moment you experience the “fully equitable, non-discriminatory homosexual paradise” you describe, the chances are you’re dead, coz it sure as hell ain’t gonna happen in our lifetime. In your dreams, sunshine.

    John K: I embrace the 21st Century far more than many. Unlike those people living in the “Pleasantville” of the 1950’s, we now know that life just isn’t that saccharin sweet, and that there will always be loves, hates, likes and dislikes, and frankly, no set of laws or equality statutes are going to make a pig’s bollock difference. Now wake up and smell the Grandé, sugarless, mocha-choca skinny gluten-free double espresso latté with flaked almond topping and a fucking condom on top.

  29. Brian Burton 27 Jul 2009, 5:25pm

    What do you Chicken-Pluckers expect from ‘BONKING BORIS?’ He’s probably too busy chasing female secretarirs around his desk!

  30. He won’t catch the secretaries if he’s pissed (which he seems to be most of the time)…….

  31. Same old Tories – you get what you vote for on equality!

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