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Queen to watch Bruno?

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Reader comments

  1. Please, I don’t ever want to know if the queen has watched Bruno. That’s like knowing that your parents are still having sex. Just wrong.

  2. When I first saw the headline “Queen to watch Bruno?” I thought I had read “Queen to watch Porno?”!

    How delicious that this news has been leaked! It will embarrass little Lizzie no end, I’m sure. Not that she has ordered it in, of course. It could easily be some lackey down in the kitchens.

    Will the Palace now leak something to the effect that some lackey is now being disciplined – the subtext being made clear that Lizzie herself most certainly didn’t order the frightful thing?

  3. I HATE this kind of article! Staff Writer at Gay News has ordered a copy of a hetero porn DVD from Amazon, according to my friend. For pity’s sake, grow-up!

  4. The queen is very politically aware, so it is not unimaginable that she wants to watch political satire targetting homophobes.

  5. Simon Murphy 23 Jul 2009, 12:42pm

    Well she has a gay child allegedly. Why wouldn’t she want to see a nice film featuring dildoes?

  6. Steady on, Simon. Referring to dildoes can apparently be construed as being homophobic! :-)

  7. @Simon Murphy

    “Why wouldn’t she want to see a nice film featuring dildoes?”

    I had no idea Sister Mary, vulpus_rex and Justin Hinchcliffe were starring in Bruno :-)

  8. Who the hell cares…

  9. Oh, yes, of course. I know who cares.

    Universal does. They just need to keep this piece of crap on the ageda don’t they. Mr. Baron Cohen and the studio can lean back in their chairs. No matter how bad the movie is, if the marketing is right, it will sell anyway.

    I still think the Ukranians were right: it is IMMORAL to take people’s money for watching this dull and boring piece of sad-sad crap.

  10. ANdy, what are you basing that judgement on? Have you actually seen the film?

  11. Andy why don’t you go and develop a sense of humour? Bruno is easily the funniest film this year by far. Or are you one of these idiots who are offended by the film? Or maybe you’re just a pathetic little prude that thinks sex should be kept indoors? Seriously I have yet to speak to anybody who has seen the film and hasnt liked it. As Tony says, have you actually seen the film?

  12. Simon Murphy 23 Jul 2009, 3:05pm

    No. 6: Eddy: “Steady on, Simon. Referring to dildoes can apparently be construed as being homophobic!”

    How very DARE you. It is NOT, I repeat NOT homophobic to speak about Jug-eared Prince Charlie. I have NEVER been so offended

  13. @Tony
    “The queen is very politically aware, so it is not unimaginable that she wants to watch political satire targetting homophobes”

    maybe she’ll even feel suitably ashamed of her own [apparent] homophobic behaviour as reported here some days ago … [see below]

    “the monarch sent two letters of support to the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, which fights against the preaching of “false gospels” of homosexuality and other “immoral” sexual behaviour.”

    It’s never to late to repent … even for an Old Queen!!! ;-)

  14. Adam, #11, “Bruno is easily the funniest film this year by far.”

    Have you seen it, Adam? I’ve seen snatches. It’s mainly cringe-making with a few genuine laughs here and there. One cannot tell exactly what Cohen is trying to achieve or where he is coming from. It’s all a confusion. Outrage alone is never enough.

  15. What a beautiful photo of the Queen! In lavender, I love it!

  16. Simon Murphy 23 Jul 2009, 6:47pm

    I wonder if the queen and prince Philip have ever fisted each other? I reckon they’re really kinky. I’d say the queen gives a good rim job. Philip looks more like the golden shower kind.

  17. Simon Murphy – Thanks… I now have that image scarred into my cerebral cortex!

  18. Yeah Eddy I have seen it. I was laughing for about 80-90% of the film. Absolutely hilarious. This film isnt homophobic – it’s taking the piss out of bigots. That’s the whole point. But absolutely hilarious tbh. I’d go as far as to say arguably best film of the year so far

  19. Tony, Adam (11 and 12), yes I have actually seen the movie. I do not consider myself prudish and I think Baron Cohen and his movie are the ones that should develop a sense of humour.

    Sorry, but 90 minutes of predictable, stereotypical commonplace gay/homophobe jokes, fake hidden camera scenes and the like were not worth my money. I will keep posting bad comments about Bruno until Baron Cohen gives me my money back and Universal pay for a shrink to remove all memories of this crap out of my brain.

    Alternatively, you can raise the money. That would be better use of your time than developing theories about whether or not I have seen the movie and my attitude to sex on screen.

  20. What a beautiful photo of Her Majesty! In lavender, I love it! What a great lady.

  21. Oh, Bentham, dear Bentham! She isn’t Your Majesty to you, is she? I mean, do you really think that little Lizzie Windsor is the epitome of majesty on this planet? There’s an old duck lives down the end of our street what looks just the same. Should I get on my grovellers and call her Marm? What is this automatic reflex that prostrates some people before an aristocrat . . . or, at least, any aristocrat in lavendar? :-)

  22. What a beautiful photo of Queen Elizabeth! In lavender! Love it! What a great lady.

  23. Eddy:

    Of course, I ain’t no expert. However I have hoird it said that having an aristocracy in England is like being supported by highly intelligent men and women who know more about the history of the world than the rest of us know in the tips of our small fingers.

    I happen to have a lot of respect for authentic scholarship. Nothing anyone can say will evair change dat. Compris?

  24. Of course I meant to say that Aristocrates know more in the tips of their little fingers than the rest of us know in our entire brain. Why? Because that’s what minds are for.

    There may be exceptions, just as there are exceptional gays who think before they speak.

  25. Oh, Bentham, dear Bentham, you have so often said some wise and sound things on these pages . . . but here, above, in 23 and 24, you are to be seen putting yourself down horribly, tugging your forelock obediently before the squire and the aristocrats and anything that dares to tell you that you are not as good as them!

    Get up off your grovellers, man. You don’t have to gaze upwards. We are all equal. And, by the way, one hell of a lot of aristocrats are absolutely bloody think! I’ve met some and I know. There are typical East Enders who are sharper!

  26. Anything you say, Oh Eddy, dear Eddy. You’ve almost got me convinced that I am equal to you.

    I don’t mean that, I’m just foolin’ around that’s all!

    It’s all so confusing to me. I don’t hear anybody praising any form of government including republics. If it’s not broken, why fix it?

    Then I heard somebody say that everyone has a right to express an opinion but that not all opinions are equal in value. Why do I hear the pipe organ of a merry-go-round?

    Somebody else saying they would rather be free than equal. What does that mean? Can’t we have both freedom and equality?

    You can be anti-monarchy if you want; I’m leaning anti-Jihad at the moment.

    I haven’t seen Bruno. The last good movie I saw was ‘The Notebook’, but that was just fiction.

    The last really gripping footage I’ve seen was 9/11. It just makes me wonder how many of our rights we would lose under sahria law. Bruno’s head would roll, that’s for sure from what I’ve been told. Do you think our right of free speech would be intact? Would we have access to the Internet under sharia law? Of course, it wouldn’t bother us ‘cos we’d be dead. I’m not trying to be a wiseguy, who cares about that. It’s just a question of looking real issues in the face, issues that concern us as gays.

  27. You can be anti-monarchy if you want; I’m leaning anti-Jihad at the moment.

  28. Bentham, I dead against letting Muslims erode our freedom in this country. I’ve lived in repressive Islamic countries, including one ruled by a monarch! I don’t think Lizzie Windsor is doing a thing to preserve our freedoms in this country. She’s purely a figurehead. The decisions are all made in parliament. If there’s a danger of this country giving in to Sharia law it will be Parliament that resists or approves it. And if the whole of Parliament, left and right, were united in the belief that we should adopt Sharia in this country, Lizzie couldn’t do a thing to stop it. But we are talking about a ludicrous situation that will never happen.

  29. Hi Eddy,

    I remember hearing you talk about your experiences in the East, and I know you have the advantage of having hands-on knowledge of corrupt monarchies and the horrendous effects of sharia law on the common of mortals, especially women and homosexuals.

    I don’t really disagree with you because I don’t think sharia law will ever find its way into the legislation of western democracies.

    My point is that sharia law will find its way into our everyday lives by refusing to recognize the rights we take for granted, notably our freedom of speech. How will sharia law do that?

    Certainly not legally. An image of 9/11 is forever etched into my memory. How many voices were silenced on that day? Street violence or school bullying may very well be venues for the infiltation of Jihad-minded fundamentalists.

    This kind of insiduous infiltration of homophobia has nothing to do with whatever form of government we have. Also, it appears to me that stabilizing western governments is the least we can do while we take the time to educate ourselves, like you have done, concerning the impact of Islam on the West. I may be wrong about that, but that is my opinion at the moment, and there are Aristocrats quite capable of advising the Queen, really.

    In the long run, of course, you are right: it is ludicrous to fear a complete surrender of our values in favour of sharia law. How much harm can terrorists do in the meantime (today) is another matter. Frankly, I know, I just know that Muslims who are exposed to the every day lifestyles in western societies will gradually turn away from sharia law, even at the very real risk of being killed by their own fathers or relatives.

    Also, and without meaning to challenge you, I am uncertain of how to interpret your notion of equality. Equality is an abstract idea, isn’t it?

    For example, I understand a notion such as ‘equal opportunity’ which respects our freedoms without leveling everyone to a status of equality, e.g. Russian or Chinese experiments in Communism.

    To return to the issue, do we really know that ‘Bruno’ found his way to the royal TV room?

  30. Eddy:

    I just found an article in Monday’s Times which can serve as an example of how terrorism works; “Teenage bombers are rescued from Taliban suicide training camps”.

    You no doubt have excellent examples of your own, but I was just surprised to find this so shortly after writing the previous post.

    Twilight Zone!!!

  31. Hi Bentham, I think you are right to focus on how Islamic youth, brainwashed in their mosques, are no doubt seeking to practise their beliefs in our schools.

    Firstly, where they are going to Islamic schools, despite all the assurances those schools give the government about honouring the country in which they are based, those students are fully able to practise the beliefs inculcated in them in the mosques. They are therefore growing up with an anti-infidel mindset. And such youths are probably more disposed to go onto extremism. This is one argument, of many, for the abolition of all faith schools.

    Secondly, where Muslim students attend state schools they must, necessarily, come into conflict with the norms of British society. I have worked as a primary school teacher and a secondary school teacher in state schools and in areas where there has been a sizeable Muslim population. I have observed the students’ clashing with the general culture of the school. Often they internalise this, sometimes they absent themselves, and on just one or two occasions in my secondary school I witnessed Muslim students boldly asserting a Muslim point of view in the classroom – and that in spite of the influence which I had in that classroom, and you know where I “come from”, Bentham.

    So, yes, there is a very real problem here and we gay men and women well out of school should think of the difficulties being increased in schools by the Muslim influence.

    As for Bruno being ordered for Balmoral, I wonder if this got into the tabloids and, if so, what they have made of it or found out consequently. If there has been a fuss in the tabloids over it and no statement has been issued by the royal press offices then that fits in with another manner in which royalty deals with things: it just ignores them.

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