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Map shows legal status of gays across Europe

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting to see, although I would make one point. In the UK we don’t have marriage equality, we have marriage equivalency. A subtle difference, but a difference none the less.

  2. Juris Lavrikovs 23 Jul 2009, 5:52pm

    Alan, ILGA-Europe’s map does not use marriage equality symbol for the UK but registered partnership symbol

  3. ALWAYS good to hear from ILGA. Thank you, Ramsey Dehani.

  4. I predict in the next 5 years that same-sex marriage and full joint adoption will be legal in:

    * Iceland, Andorra, Luxemborg and Portugal in 2010
    * Germany and France in 2011
    * Solvenia, Swizerland and Finland in 2012
    * UK, Chezh Republic and Hungary in 2014
    * Austria and Ireland in 2015 (if civil partnerships or registered partnerships are legalized this or next year)

  5. Very good to hear from the LGBT Europe. Most interesting map and info.

  6. @Paul:

    I must say I kind of agree with your dates. However, I do have some reservations about Germany. Angela Merkel is going to win this election hands down, so there’ll be no change there.

    It will happen in Portugal in 2010 on the condition that the socialists win (again).

    And here in Slovenia we just might get full equality by the end of this year like we were promised by the government. The new legislation is currently being negotiated with the lgbt organization. Let’s just hope a referendum doesn’t kill it.

  7. What about the Military?

  8. Krzysiek Patyna 24 Jul 2009, 7:19pm

    It’s good that this type of information is being presented in a graphic way, however I would objectify to generalizations. The author says that there is a “clear split” between the East and the West. What about countries like Czech republic and Hungary? They have more rights than Austria for instance. I am myself Polish and it hurts me that certain stereotypes are still being live and well. I guess every nation needs to deal with gay issue themselves, however it would be encouraging if the EU were more active in supporting human rights in newly joint countries. Europe considers itself as a centre for equality and tolerance. Well, lets hope that’s not only empty words. For the past 2 years we had 2 really good gay prides in Warsaw. Anybody interested in the matter knows that it takes time and determination to achieve certain objectives.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Jul 2009, 3:09pm

    Paul, Denmark will be next followed probably by Iceland. The UK I predict will NOT allow gay people to marry because apparently, Stonewall thinks that the majority of UK gays don’t want it, therefore not an issue to be concerned with. Portugal will follow Denmark and Iceland’s lead I think, with Spain its neighbor having some impact on it. Amazing how catholic countries like Spain and Belgium get full marriage equality while the UK lulls itself into a false sense of full equality which it doesn’t yet have or wants, according to that idiot Ben Summerskill. Interesting to note that same-sex marriage will outnumber any of the EU states that have a hodgepodge of unions, some with more rights than others. These unions will never be the universal standard anywhere in the world, marriage already is of course. Seven countries have proved that already.

  10. Although same-sex registry is recognized in Czech and Hungary, I believe homophobia is still rampant there, if not downright outrageous. I would further guess that the two countries did it to please EU when they first joined it. Other EU countries probably figured why bothered anyway. It’s not as if those nations would be punished by the Union, and they are damn right on target.

  11. This quote: “Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands were found to come top for LGB rights.”

    This is incorrect [in some parts].

    * What about Norway?????? – they have SSM, full joint adoption and IVF access and parentage since 2009.
    * What about Spain????????? – they had SSM and full joint adoption since 2005.
    * What about Belgium?????????? – they had SSM since 2003. Full joint adoption was not legal until after SSM was legal 2 years later in 2005.

    How can Denmark be ahead on gay rights???? – they do not even have same-sex marriage!!!!!!!!!!

    Denmark will have same-sex marriage legalized in 2016, I just know it.

    Denmark just this year allowed full joint adoption though. Demark has “registered partnerships” [english] or “rexzaertexerd pakerkatship” [Danish], NOT civil unions since 1989 (20 years ago). Vermont in America was the first place in the world to have coined the term “civil union” 10 years ago in 2000, after a Court case.

    Denmark has a conservative government they will not allow SSM to become law at any cost.

    More interesting facts:

    * France, Luxemborg, Belgium, Netherlands and Andorra all legalized homosexual acts way back in 1700’s.
    * Hungary, UK and Germany did not legalize homosexual acts until the late 1960s – with an unequal age of consent set at 21.
    * Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Spain and Norway when they legalized homosexuality, they included a premable in the law that quotes “the government does not support, endorce, promote or encourage homosexuality and/or fornification, but does not make them illegal either” [english].
    * Same-sex marriage was legally performed in 4000BC until about 2796BC in Greece, the northern part of Italy, Eqypt and Cyprus.

    I also agree with a Comment by Craig, “where is the military status as well???

    Also what about the new terrible anti-gay law called “Section 28” in Lithoania????, do any other countries have those stupid nasty laws????

    Portugal will become like Belgium – legalizing SSM, then legalizing full joint adoption after SSM. Usually full joint adoption and SSM are legalized at the same time. However in Sweden full joint adoption was legalized in 2004, then SSM was legalized in 1 May 2009.

    NOTE: I personally go via effective dates, not when the law passed.

    I bit about myself:

    My name is Paul Mitchell and I am a athiest, autistic 22 year old gay man living in Australia. I became a gay activist 2 years ago. The “secret gay agenda” has ALWAYS been about one word – EQUALITY!

  12. @Paul:

    I must ask, how long is the average vacatio legis in your calculations?

    I mean, some countries might opt for considerably shorter ones.

  13. Manos Manou 21 Aug 2009, 2:06pm

    In Greece things are very bad…. homophobia is everywhere! I can tell that this is apply to Eastern Europe too. More politics needed.

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