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Gay couple bit neighbour in row over cat

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Reader comments

  1. Since when can you “allow a cat” to do anything.

    In my experience they generally up their tails, show off their arse & go off and do as they please.

    You gotta admire cats – I luv em!

  2. I blame the BBC’s Director-general, Mark Thompson for setting a bad example. This biting habit could get out of hand.

  3. They tried to gouge his eyes out?! How brutal.

  4. Brian Burton 23 Jul 2009, 6:29pm

    I don’t like biting in fisty-cuff strugles. My brother used to bite me when we fought. Now he’s married, i can only assume he bites his wife!

  5. Simon Murphy 23 Jul 2009, 6:33pm

    Oh my goodness. It’s the gay Vicky Pollard

  6. This is all one man’s word, of course, painting a picture of a pair of queer biters and gougers all worked up over a pussy.

    Will the judge believe the story?

    Interesting how the attacked gentleman chose to describe his attackers’ behaviour by using their first names.

  7. As sad and bizarre this story is… a crime was committed, and the couple should be charged.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 23 Jul 2009, 8:08pm

    “HAVE been convicted” – I’m guessing he did believe the victim, who probably had bite marks to support his case. The case was probably further assisted by the guilty pleas by the two defendants.

    Probably didn’t need the regional crime squad to set up a team to solve it, or Miss Marple to rise from the grave

  9. Hahaha.!
    So camp that…!
    I luv it..!

    They should be given the cat o’ nine tails…

    I wonder if Mr. Dickman is Jewish?
    Could be, originally, Deckermann? Deichmann?

    Just my original background, that’s why I am curious.

    If he is, he could negotiate.

    Cat o’ eight and a half tails…

    Ok…to YOU cat o’ seven tails…..that’s my final word…mein letschter sag..!


  10. So much for gay people being more caring; anyone who hates cats is my enemy.

  11. Jennifer Ju 24 Jul 2009, 2:13am

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  12. Brian Burton 24 Jul 2009, 6:53am

    Jennifer Ju,
    There you go again free-loading, Piss-Off!

  13. Tsk, tsk, not very becoming behaviour, but after two years of aggravation……. no pussy is worth it.

  14. Pussy upsets pansies in garden and all hell ensues.
    Gotta love it.

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