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Vandals attack American Apparel’s ‘Legalize Gay’ display

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Reader comments

  1. The store at Silver Spring has “temporarily” removed the t-shirts from their display. Powell said: “I took it down because of the threat.”

    If that isn’t a reason to keep them up, I don’t know what is.
    Don’t let these nutters railroad you.

    We’ve got more windows than you’ve got bricks.

  2. Hear hear! What a courageous company for taking such an active role in fighting for equality. I wish we had these kinds of things here.

  3. Ian M Laughlin 22 Jul 2009, 8:34pm

    Do American Apparel have any branches or outlets in the UK? If so, it may be somewhere to get some clothes to say thanks for their donations to equality causes.

  4. American Apparel have loads of branches in the U.K. now I’m constantly in turmoil as to whether to buy from them though, as although this, their ‘Legalize L.A.’ (immigration reform) campaign, and their sweatshop-free policy are great, on the other hand the company’s owner has said some pretty misogynist things and has had several sexual harassment cases brought against him, as well as accusations of anti-trade unionism. Gah.

  5. There are several stores in London (I can think of Oxford Street and High Street Ken) and probably in other cities around the UK. Be prepared for a very colourful assault one your retinas if you walk in one of their shops.

    I imagine that what it would feel like to walk in a gay disco bunny’s head… :)

  6. Eagle Ashcroft 23 Jul 2009, 2:58am

    I wonder what would happen if some one objected to tee-shirts with Christian slogans displayed in a store window and then smashed the window because they were displayed? Religion is behind all of the bigotry and crime against gays. Religion should be outlawed from government and all religions taxed like everyone else and religious extremist made to register with the police and made to carry a name tag and a sign placed in front of their homes “I am a religious extremist and a bigot and might attack you, your loved ones or your children at any time.” That might stop the violence and if not at least the police would know who to come after.

  7. Proposition 8 will be repealed in California. A great democracy wants all citizens to enjoy equal rights.

    This incident serves to remind the world that democracy and freedom do not necessarily go hand in hand.

    Let’s not forget Harvey Milk.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 23 Jul 2009, 11:19am

    I’m actually coming to the conclusion that a lot of these morons hate us because they fear us. Obviously our acceptance by secular civilisation is going to destroy it, starting with the extinction of the right of religious bigots to persecute us (thus persecuting them), followed by the recruitment of all children to the gay “lifestyle”. We will then take over the armed forces and force straight squaddies to be our bitches or our studs (depending on preference. We will then burn all the churches and mosques and enslave the religious in camps.

    They actually believe this!!

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