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Gay man, 79, killed in London

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Reader comments

  1. My deepest sympathy to members of Edward’s family, and of course, his housemate.

  2. Eagle Ashcroft 23 Jul 2009, 2:47am

    As a 77 year old gay man I know the dangers of inviting strangers into your home. How ever since I am a retired law enforcement officer I own a gun and know how to use it and would use it in defense of my life should it become necessary and am not afraid to fight anyone, but everyone is not the same. I hope the police find this no account low life that would take Teddie’s life and stick them in prison for the rest of their life. Were I London I’d pursue the case myself and find the person or persons responsible and bring them to justice.

  3. Then I’m glad you are not in London, EA, as we have enough problems with gun crime, thanks.

  4. Pete & Michael 23 Jul 2009, 8:29am

    We are being victims of homophobia for years although we have contacted Cheshire Police on many occasions, nothing has been done to help us. We have had to block our letterbox due to an arson attempt very recently and continue to have threatening behaviour towards us, we cannot put our recycling bins out in the street as we have had threats of contaminating the bins. We have contacted our MP and he also has had minimum response from the Cheshire Police. What else can we do? The Cheshire Police are sending a PC to visit us today. Has someone to be murdered before anything is done!

  5. My deepest sympathy to everyone who loved this man. Lessons in his untimely death for us all.

  6. I feel bad for the people that loved him, but I don’t understand why this is news. Gay people die all of the time for various reasons. If they find out that this was some sort of hate crime then I could understand the relevance for it being here.

  7. I believe this mindless violence supports the recent Pink story that homophobic crime is on the rise in the UK, and I amglad to see it in the headlines. If I had a gun to defend myself, I would shoot him in the nuts. A 79 year old man, for gawd’s sake. Give me a break. I think you would too, Jane, if you were attacked.

  8. He was a lovely man very cheerful and nice I have known him for almost 8 years and hadn’t seen him without smile God bless him the Quebec is empty without him and as I’ve heard that his killer was arrested hope he stays in jail for the rest of his life but please please be careful if you take someone home try not to but if you do please make sure at least let one of your friends know.
    Have been thinking about you since you are not with us.

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