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Exclusive: Gay culture secretary Ben Bradshaw calls for British ambassadors to promote gay rights in Arab world

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent points made by Ben Bradshaw; the homophobia in the middle east and parts of Asia is appalling. In many of these countries consensual gay sex is illegal and gay people are extremely vulnerable. Anything that can help improve this terrible situation is to be welcomed.

  2. brendalana 22 Jul 2009, 6:41pm

    I think the British government needs to first get its own house in order, and—without further ado—order the homo- trans- phobic governments of its overseas territories amend their present omissive gay and gender-variant Human Rights Laws to provide full equality for all persons and criminally prohibit discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity…

  3. Me thinks the MP exaggeratess. All that Gays were not allowed to do previously, was have sex with each other. We all know of Gay soldiers, heroes, (even prime Minsiters, etc, in the past.

  4. I’d like to see the look on the Sultan’s face when some FO minister suggests an Arab/Islamic gay party.

  5. Arabic homophobia should be in our headlines more often. The fanatical fundamentalist sects persecuting and murdering gays should be named over and over again.

    Those who follow the first verses of the Koran are ordinary, good living people.

    Just as in Christianity, it’s the fundamentalists who go to any length to recruit the young and to imposed their mental illness, e.g. homophobia.

    Good man, Mr. Bradshaw.

  6. I understand that Dubai, that Manhatten in the Gulf has a ratio of 75% male to 25% female; don’t tell me the boys don’t get up to hanky panky on a regular basis especially when the women are in purdah!

  7. There are hundreds, if not thousands of guys of all ages from Dubai cruising for cam action on gaylog dot com.

    Most Arabs would be happy to get away from Sharia law, and I think that’s the first thing they would drop when immigrating to western countries. Mr. Bradshaw is well aware of that.

  8. And another step in the right direction – go for it!

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