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Culture secretary tells he will look into BBC ‘homophobia’

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Reader comments

  1. …and then of course, Moyles came second in the Best Radio Show Pink Paper 2009 readers’ poll (scratches head).

  2. Mmm Chris Moyles, Jonathan Woss and Russell Brand; all talentless people who seem to be very popular with the public for some unknown reason; whatever happened to Class!!!!!

  3. Chris Moyles and Jonathan Ross are not homophobic apparently.

  4. The minister has plenty of time to catch up on his TV and radio on his 84 days of summer holiday! I guess we will still be financing his homes and pension while he takes nearly 3 months off work!

  5. I have been waiting 4 months now for my complaints (that the Horne and Corden Show was relentlessly homophobic to the detriment of LGBT people and that the BBC does not treat offence and harm to LGBT people as seriously as that to other groups or take criticism of homophobia seriously) to be dealt with adequately. I have had to chase the complaint up constantly and it still is not dealt with, it is beyond a joke.

  6. Why is it gay men never see themselves as “Members of the public?”
    Ben Bradshaw is obviously trying to carve himself a niche before the good ship ‘NuLab’ sinks unceremoniously beneath the waves with all hands lost.

    Yet another f–king whinging lefty faggot.

  7. Profanity is the refuge of the semi-literate!

  8. Ian M Laughlin 22 Jul 2009, 8:49pm

    I’m not sure that Mr Bradshaw, who is firmly part of the Blair centrist ground would appreciate being described as a lefty. On several key issues the Conservative Party probably have some (nominally) more left leaning stances.

    However, one suspects that RobN is just baiting the good readership of Pink News. Plus ca change.

  9. Neville: I may be accused of many things, but nobody on here can deny my ability to articulate in a verbose and transparent manner my understanding of the English language.

    Now f–k off and stop trying to wind me up.

    Oh, and PS: Who censored my comment on this sites censorship?
    We are grown adults. We should not have to resort to underscores and asterisks.

  10. great but nothing on iris robinsons comments (which frankly were much worse) or the disgusting depiction of transpeople on moving wallpaper

  11. “.. the BBC does not treat offence and harm to LGBT people as seriously as that to other groups or take criticism of homophobia seriously”

    Very true

  12. I bet nothing comes of it.

  13. Put it this way!
    How many LGBT people will want to support an
    institutionally homophobic organisation when the BBC asks for support for the
    BBC Children in Need Appeal?  

    See here

  14. It shouldn’t be too hard to compile a dossier of homophobic abuse by Jonathon Ross, and for that matter a large majority of BBC output that has any dealings with gayness.

  15. In my opinion, Mr. Bradshaw deserves our support, our public support right now, even if surgery would be better than a band-aid solution at the BBC.

    Homophobia is a mental illness. Anyone pretending to be homophobic for personal gain can only pretend to express or receive real love.

  16. Look at London Pride, over 1 million people attended that march and what coverage did the BBC do of it, HOTHING any other event of such a huge scale would have had “Wall to Wall” coverage from the BBC!

    This is obviously blatant discrimination to anyone! OFCOM is obviously in cahoots with the BBC!

  17. @ RobN – Why is it that every political and social viewpoint seems to be considered by you as left-wing, if it does not represent a right-wing view? Besides, just because someone has a viewpoint on one issue, that doesn’t make them a “lefty” because it takes a lot more than an opinion on one single issue to make up someone’s overall political leanings.

    I respect listening to other viewpoints than my own (or similar to my own), but making everything out to be “lefty” if you disagree with it, is becoming rather boring to be honest. I just tend to think now “change the record RobN”.

  18. Paul Brownsey 23 Jul 2009, 11:56am

    Proclaiming his mastery of the English language, RobN misuses “verbose”.

  19. Thanks RobN, I could do with a laugh at homophobes expense:

    “Neville: I may be accused of many things, but nobody wot is on this ‘ere board, can deny my hability of articulification of the verbose and the transparent, in a manner that escapes any and all understanding of our good Queen’s perogative English language…. I thank you.”

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