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Tories to hold gay Pride event at this year’s party conference

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Reader comments

  1. How nice. Maybe Ben Summerskill could use this opportunity to ask whether the Tories will be implementing Ian Duncan-Smith’s suggestion to remove parental status from people having IVF/IUI conceived children with their partners… Cameron has just apologised for Section 28 but Dunca Smith clearly still hopes to legislate the ‘pretended family relationship’ back into existence.

    Funny how he hasn’t suggested that this rule be applied to straight parents of donor-concienved children, who are no more biologically related to their children that gay parents in the same situation. Maybe the straight genie magics them into a biological relationship. *Terrifying* to see the crap still lurking under the gay-friendly veneer of the new Tories. IDS clearly doesn’t have a problem with donors and birth certificates, he just has a problem with accepting us as real families…

  2. John (Derbyshire 21 Jul 2009, 5:33pm

    Wonder if Gerald Howarth,Julian Brazier,David Shepherd and Anne Widdecombe will be attending?

  3. John (Derbyshire 21 Jul 2009, 5:35pm

    Hooli IDS has it on public record that he “has no time for gays”!!

  4. Simon Murphy 21 Jul 2009, 5:38pm

    Good public relations. Considering the serious questions over the Tories commitment to equality I want to see a commitment by Tory leadership that if someone like Iain Duncan Smith or Philippa Stroud campaigns for reduction in gay human rights then they will be expelled from the party. And I want to know their policy on changing the attitudes of the homophobic, misogynistic, anti-semitic Polish party they are chums with.

    Otherwise this gay pride party is empy gesture poolitics.

  5. Perhaps Cameron can explain why he voted to retain the “need for a father” when considering IVF treatment, last year. Or why his party has chosen to affiliate themselves with homophobic parties in Europe.

  6. * Gay Pride event at the conservative conference ?
    * Philippa Stroud as a prospective Tory Candidate ?
    * Conservatives MPs associated with Gay cure therapies

    Is this not a contradiction in terms.

    I am concerned when Philippa Stroud supports the actively fundamentalist christian church “Newfrontiers”, and has been actively involved in supporting and administrating gay cure therapies her self.

  7. More window dressing to appear gay friendly but that’s all it is window dressing. If you scratch under the surface of the PR and hollow words you find the real conservative party. Shocked of the home counties will always win out against our rights. So if your happy with hollow empty words the conservatives are a good choice.

  8. Simon Murphy 21 Jul 2009, 9:09pm

    Iain Duncan Smith and Philippa Stroud are vicious homophobes. Will they be called to account for their opposition to gay equality. Or is this gay pride event merely designed to divert attention from the bigotry of a huge segment of the Tories. Stroud and Duncan Smith’s expulsion from the party would be a very good PR move also I feel.

  9. I hope this commitment to receptions with cocktail snacks will be backed up in their future voting record on gay right issues, but I somehow still doubt it.

  10. Shame on you Mr Summerskill, but politics aside, can you imagine how dreadful a night out with the tory boys and girls would be. Not my idea of fun.

  11. Simon Murphy part my objective is to expose Philippa Stroud but I am keeping my powder dry until the election is announced then I will go all guns to expose her.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold after all and I deserve redress after what she put me through!

  12. The ‘con’servative party is attempting to get the gay vote because Cameron cannot win the PM’s job on his own merit. It is a ruse no mentally fit gay, lesbian, bi or transgender person should fall for. In their eyes, we are evil queers, too stupid to see through their plans. Do not trust them, unless we see some major positive action on their part, like actual gay marriage for and appropriate hate crimes laws England.

  13. “It is a ruse no mentally fit gay, lesbian, bi or transgender person should fall for.”

    The problem is no mentally fit person can vote for Labour.

  14. Oooooh! 6% of the electorate is GLBT – can’t you tell.

  15. Ooooh! – 6% of the electorate is GLBT – can’t you tell?

  16. Simon Murphy 22 Jul 2009, 11:45am

    “The problem is no mentally fit person can vote for Labour.”

    Perhaps. But that does not mean they should vote Tory either. There are other options. We don’t live in a 2 party system.

    Any LGBT person who votes Tory is basically voting to surrender their rights. Particularly if bigots like Iain Duncan Smith and Philippa Stroud are to be given positions of authority.

  17. Matthew - London 22 Jul 2009, 11:49am

    another fine example of Mr Summerskill using his position to get a nice photo with a celeb as opposed to boycotting this event due to the parties increasingly homophobic views!

  18. What are we saying and doing as a community if LGBT people vote conservative, then indirectly support the election of Phillippa Stroud who has been actively involved in supporting and administering christian based gay cure therapies . . . ?

  19. theotherone 22 Jul 2009, 12:06pm

    Labour activists at it again.

    The Tories do more than Labour but are evil and show no comitment while Labour has cabinate ministers who do not agree with Queer Rites.

    As i pointed out before: Dc has voted FOR more Queer Rites than GB.

    As to DC not being able to get the PM job on his own merits: you’re fvck1ng joking arn’t you? Have you read the Polls?

  20. “Labour activists at it again.”

    I am not a Labour activist

    I am however concerned that conservative candidate has been involved in and continues to be invloved in supporting and administering Gay cure therapies

    theotherone . . . you do not seem disturbed by that . . . why is that ?

  21. A leopard does not change its spots no matter how much paint is applied. The Tories are homophobic, that’s it. There are no ifs or buts about it. They can try and fool some people some of the time but not all the people all the time.

  22. Simon Murphy 22 Jul 2009, 12:45pm

    “Labour activists at it again.”

    It is not the Labour Party who has formed an alliance with Polish bigots whose leader thinks the homosexuality will destroy civilisation and whose leader in the EuroParliament routinely refers to the gay people as ‘fags’

    It is not the Labour Party who has a former leader who is campaigning to have the parental rights of gay partners reduced.

    It is not the Labour Party who has a high profile candidate Philippa Stroud who advocates christian therapies for a gay ‘cure’.

    Cameron may have voted in a friendlier manner than GB on gay issues. But Cameron is the leader of the party which invented section 28. A party which has done NOTHING for gay equality ever. But seeing as he’s a former PR expert he is making some nice noises. Nothing in terms of policy however.

    The Tories remain the nasty party and any LGBT person who thinks some finger food at a private party is evidence that they’ve changed is being stupid.

    I am not a Labour activist by the way. I have no notion of voting Labour at the next election. But I would vote Labour over Conservative any day of the week when it comes to gay rights.

  23. John (Derbyshire 22 Jul 2009, 1:17pm

    We aren`t disputing that Cameron isn`t a homophobe- only that although he is the leader-he only represents the views of about 28% of the conservative party on gay issues. The overwhelming majority ARE homophobic- and obviously,in power,will start tinkering around -as Iain Duncan Smith is doing now- slowly dismantling various rights we have-hopefully un noticed-until they get back to the real core stuff -like- bringing back Section 28. I have no doubt that if you asked IDS today-he would say that he was in favour of Clause 28 and would like something similar re-instated into law.

  24. vulpus_rex 22 Jul 2009, 1:28pm

    “Labour over Conservative any day of the week when it comes to gay rights”

    Yes but it’s not just about gay rights is it – people vote on a wide variety of issues and concerns.

    It strikes me that David Cameron could find a cure for cancer, eradicate world hunger and bring peace to the middle east, but the tribal anit-tory parrots in here would still be banging on about clause 28 as if that is the only issue any gay person should ever vote on.

  25. i can see it now; Boris in drag doing a Marlene impression and some of the pretty boy Tories as Male strippers and Dave will compair in the style of Graham Norton at Eurovision and explain why the Tories are allied to Right Wing Facists in the Europarliament!

  26. Simon Murphy 22 Jul 2009, 3:38pm

    Vulpis_rex: you say: “It strikes me that David Cameron could find a cure for cancer, eradicate world hunger and bring peace to the middle east, but the tribal anit-tory parrots in here would still be banging on about clause 28”

    But he’s done none of that. He’s not even been that open about Tory policy.

    He’s asking people to trust him based on …. well nothing. What are his policies on the Middle East; what are his policies on gay rights; what are his policies on anything. Because while he seems to be making some pleasant noises he’s said or done nothing of substance. Meanwhile bigots like Philippa Stroud and Iain Duncan Smith and the Polish Bigot Party are indicating that they are ready to start dismantling our rights.

    Why hasn’t Camerson condemned IDS and Stroud for their homophobia for example? Does he agree with their ambition to lessen our rights. It’s a gay fool who would ignore these questions.

  27. Tories are still the same fascists they always were.

    How stupid does Cameron think we are?

  28. vulpus_rex 22 Jul 2009, 5:06pm

    I certainly agree that DC has some talking to do, though past experience shows that any hint of a policy well received by the public and Brown nicks it.

    However, imperfect as DC may be, he is a thousand, nay, a million times more appealing than the idiot Brown and it is just his good fortune that so many people feel the same without the need to know detailed policy.

  29. I find it insulting that the torys are holding a pride event and even more perplexing that any gay person could celebrate in a tory pride. What have the conservatives ever done for our community other than attempt to withhold our rights. yes david cameron may appear to talk the talk but this is britain, you do not vote for a primeminister you vote for a party. yes mr. brown may have a poor voting record for us but the labour party has been extreemly benificial to us as a group. I am not presonally a labour supporter, though credit where credit is due they have aided in laying the tracks, we still have a long way to go but at least we are traveling in the right direction. David Cameron can host all the pride events he likes, the fickle umoung us may be sold by the free booze but I personally need something a bit more substantial. untill then I staunchly believe conservative party will be a disaster for the gay community, and I could never vote for that.

  30. There are two types of policy – Explicit and implict policies!

    What has not been made explicit is implicit in a number of rather worrying overtures . . . I feel it would be better to discuss these rather than pretend they did not exist?

  31. Simon Murphy 22 Jul 2009, 6:00pm

    Very true JohnK. David Cameron may give a £500 budget for tasty snacks for a Tory Gay Pride event but that is empty gesture politics.

    The likes of the sinister Iain Duncan Smith; Philippa Stroud etc skulking in the background laying the groundwork to remove our rights is what the important issue is.

    People vote for a party. Not a leader. And in the last 30 years the Tories have done nothing for our civil rights.

  32. Brian Burton 22 Jul 2009, 6:13pm

    Simon Murphy,
    You seem to have the ‘Tory Pride Event’ weighed up and I just cannot argue with your comments. I have tried to read between the Lines of this article. The whole report seems very subdued, short, and a bit too sweet!

  33. All the usual nonsense from the left who are desperate to try to keep the gay vote which is clearly now leaning towards the Conservatives. Check your political history guys! Most gay rights legislation pre-Blair was introduced by Conservative Governments or sponsored by Conservative MPs – including decriminalisation, for which Margaret Thatcher voted. And they conveniently forget that the Labour Front Bench also voted for Section 28 at the time.

    Ask any journalist or lobbyist which is the gayest of the Party Conferences. They’ll say the Tories every time.

    And for the record, we’ve been holding gay fringe meetings and parties at the Conservative Conference since at least the mid-70’s. And great fun they are too! Come join us!

  34. Ian M Laughlin 22 Jul 2009, 9:28pm

    The Bill to (partially) decriminalise male homosexuality in 1967 was sponsored by a centre-left MP, the late Leo Abse. A Conservative MP had worked with him to gather support after the Wolfenden Report of 1957, but had lost his seat in the 1966 General Election. It would be a mistake to characterise the 1967 Act as belonging either to Left or Right of the political spectrum. It was limited and influenced by 1950’s pseudo-Freudian conceptions of sexuality, and of homosexuality as a disability. Its general wording allowed for it to be supported by liberals, soft libertarians, One-Nation Tories and left MPs. An important piece of legislation for its time, most historians of LGBT history argue that the real change in gay consciousness came after the counter-cultural high tide of the later 1960’s and the development of identity politics in the 1970’s. This was to benefit gay men and women across the political spectrum, with groups within the Labour, Conservative, Liberal, Communist and IS/SWP parties existing by 1975.

  35. Obviously this event is planned specially so that Cameron can appear and announce a raft of new policies; legalisation of same-sex marriages, new homophobic hate crime legislation, genuine measures to tackle homophobic bullying in schools, foreign policy to help address homophobic regimes, and a promise not to take a step backwards and create inequality in the laws around couples using IVF with donor sperm. As a finale he will annouce a commitment to funding for School’s Out, and LGBT History Month so that all schools can participate and a freeze on any new faith schools, plus a reduction in their funding and incentives to drop the faith status.

  36. Brian Burton 22 Jul 2009, 10:40pm

    Gavin F,
    You are a fraud! Did Ian Duncan Smith attent your fringe meetins. Did Haig or any of the present shadow cabinet attend your Gay Fringe meetings…I doubt it. Actual Gay MPs were not even allowd to attend Gay Pride… Pull the other one, It’s got Bells on!

  37. CCHQ STAFFER 23 Jul 2009, 12:38am

    The party is not a ‘private’ one but open to the whole country and targeted with other organisations at the Manchester and NW community, gay and straight, bi and trans, it is in fact open to everyone. A number of shadow cabinet members are confirmed as attendees along with many MPs and other party individuals. The expected turn out is 300-400+ on the night. Angie Brown is booked to perform on the night too and the event will be making contributions to local causes. See more and book tickets at

  38. Simon Murphy 23 Jul 2009, 1:52am

    Gavin F – what is David Cameron going to do to censure Iain Duncan Smith and Philippa Stroud – Conservative candidates and members of the ‘Centre for Social Justice’ who are campaigning for the parental rights of gay partners to be reduced? Does he agree with them? If so then do you admit that his commitment to equality is a barefaced lie?

    Stop making accusations about other parties when there are extraordinarily sinister and homophobic activities happening in the background of your own party?

    I think that gay support for the Tories will be badly damaged since the alliance with Polish Bigot Party and the IDS/Philippa Stroud activities were exposed. It shows how hollow and inconsequential the Tory commitment to equality actually is. Canapes at a party is not evidence of a changed party.

  39. Window dressing is just that

    We are more concenred with the following:
    * What is in the store already
    * What has been planned for the store
    * What is on order to go in the store

    Either way it looks like a potential series of shoddy goods and services for the LGBT community.

    We have a right complain

  40. Never Kissed a Tory 30 Jul 2009, 6:57am

    I don’t even go along with the idea that Cameron is liberal. He wrote the 2005 elkection manifesto, he voted and spoke about keeping Section 28, voted against gay adoption and for th “need for a father”. He is a PR man who has realised that a couple of meaningless gestures on homosexuality make him look modern. Only idiots would be fooled by it.

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