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Homophobia blamed for high levels of HIV in African gay men

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Reader comments

  1. No surprise, there, sadly…

  2. Vo Dong Cung 20 Jul 2009, 6:12pm

    Stop homophobia and let they marry, the positive way they can’t spread HIV to other.

  3. Is there anything that homophobia cant be blamed for?
    Seems to be becoming a ‘one size fits all’ pejorative.

  4. Simon Murphy 20 Jul 2009, 10:31pm

    It’s lack of education; illiteracy; unsafe sex; promiscuity; lack of condoms and catholic teaching that are just as much to blame as homophobia

  5. Monkeychops 21 Jul 2009, 10:51am

    Homophobia has nothing to do with it. Gay male promiscuity is the same all over the world regardless of the attitudes of specific societies and their governments. It’s the education that matters, though as we’ve seen in the West, equality and better teaching on HIV have done little to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS. Marriage won’t do anything, if gay men want open relationships or multiple partners, they’ll have them regardless. If you are monogamous and loyal to one person you love, you’ll do it whether you have the right to marry or not. Governments can’t dictate loyalty to a loved one.

    Gay men are just irresponsible and selfish (like a lot of straight men would be if they didn’t have women to influence them).

  6. Monkeychops, I can’t agree with you. Not all men are promiscuous. I’m not and many of my gay male friends are married or in steady long-term relationships. If we lived in a society which didn’t support this situation or make it possible no doubt the pressure on these relationships would force them apart and we would all be srtiving for contact with other partners but unable to form long term relationships. In that kind of situation people move from partner to partner or encoutner to encounter. So actually homophobia does have a great deal to do with it.

  7. Monkeychops 21 Jul 2009, 12:25pm

    Nope, it’s just scape-goating and gay men not wanting to take responsibility. Or rather western gay men who are having to face up to the responsibilities that come with earning equal rights wanting to justify their behavioural patterns through oppressed Africans. In Africa, at least they have the excuse of poor education – we westerners are still unable to contain HIV/AIDS in our gay communities despite all the education, awareness campaigns and greater rights. Can you explain why we still have problems with it? Because of promiscuous men. There was a report out by an HIV/AIDS organisation only a few weeks ago higlighting the fact that African women are most at risk due to, surprise, their promiscuous husbands. It’s the same for gay men. Men are more irresponsible and when you have a community like ours where only men are involved, it’s a hot bed of selfishness and stupidity. We have ourselves to blame for the majority of our problems.

    These men are able to decide who they sleep with and how many they sleep with, just like we are in the West. They may not be able to form a relationship openly, but they can sleep with the same person instead of 20 others. Of course not all men are promiscuous, but gay men are far more that way inclined – we see it again and again from cruising grounds, to public toilets and just from the magazines that are supposed to represent us. And when you get promiscuity amongst a small group of men, disease spreads much more easily and more quickly. Like it would within an inbred island community. It’s that simple and logical. But logic doesn’t prevail between gay men it seems otherwise we wouldn’t have the situation we do.

    Sorry man, you need to stop with the whole victim mentality, gay men have got to be responsible for their won sexual health wherever they are in the world. Women in Africa, who really have the least control over their lives, have been trying to take the initiatives for years but are held back by patriarchal societies. Gay men are not held back in the same way. Blaming others for ones premeditated acts is rather childish – and symptomatic of gay communities the world over. And to suggest homophobia means that men cannot put on condomns is just insane. I’ve taken the responsibility, others have – why can’t the remainder of our community do the same? We are always going to have this problem while gays blame the rest of the world for their own doing. Consensual sex is a private act over which you have have total control. The government does not intervene in your bedroom directly and thus the responsibility lies with the participants.

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