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Equality and Human Rights Commission hit by resignations and ‘unacceptable’ spending

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Reader comments

  1. It’s all just one big ‘jolly’, just like so many other quangos. It’s money for old rope where they can spout their lefty opinions at each other over taxpayer-paid fat lunches and expenses paid taxis home to enjoy their ludicrously well-paid fat-cat salaries.

    The sooner the Tories axe all these f–king timewasters the better.

  2. Simon Murphy 20 Jul 2009, 12:56pm

    I think the EHRC lost all credibility when they appointed evangelical christian and crazed homophobe Joel Edwards as a commissioner. And considering that Ben Summerskill is also a commissioner this further damages their credibility seeing as Summerskill refuses to campaign for legal equality for gay relationships because ‘some’ gay people don’t want to marry

  3. Unless Ben Summerskill resigns quickly I believe his reputations will be tarnish – Why would Ben Summerskill hang in there when other prominent member have resigned.

    Well done to the other three who have acted


  4. I’m afraid Mr Summerskill’s reputation is already tarnished by his support for the highly flawed ‘Equality Bill’…as for the HRE I received my executive copy as a witness contributor by invitation of the 2008/09 inquiry into human Rights in the UK.

    My copy went straight in the bin because of the credibility given to Chief Constable Otter, ACPO lead on ‘Equality & Diversity’ & yet who still turns a blind eye to abusive impact, affect, attitudes & practises of his own police force (Devon & Cornwall) towards & against gay persons.

  5. Mihangel apYrs 20 Jul 2009, 5:29pm

    Sumerskill is part of the London alternative establishment – movers and shakers who have the ear of govt and influential people. Like Phillips, he has drifted away from the people in the front line and floats about in a detaced way, hobnobbing with MPs etc but not talking with people outside the metropolitan inner circle.

    He lacks credibility but is likely to get some sort of gong and a sinecure post (as Angela Mason did)

  6. Brian Burton 20 Jul 2009, 8:16pm

    I said in the thread where it reports his reappointment. The Guy is a ‘Bad Penny’ Only interested in making his fortune.

  7. The one responsible for this ridiculous re-appointment must be M/s Harman herself; she was forewarned of the forthcoming resignations of some of the best-respected experts in their own fields and yet she allowed the re-election of this incompetent, inefectual man who couldn’t even see the problems that having Joel Edwards on his team would produce. Or did he?
    Massie, Campbell and Klug – and possibly Summerskill – should be proud of the stances they have taken, but what hole does this leave in the stand for Equality?
    Wake up, Harman, and realise that you’ve made a grave mistake by re-electing this man. It’s a pity now that you’re away on your holidays for God knows how long.
    You’ve left one helluva mess behind.
    Be proud.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 21 Jul 2009, 6:57am

    I think they (the govt) wanted to have a black person in this high profile job to validate their “equality” credentials. If that is the case then TP fills their expectations.

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