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Gay and single parents ‘ignored by the Catholic Church’

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  1. What the f**k does a Catholic Church, institutionally male, know about gender complementarity? A house of cards obsessed with control over sex in all its forms. Idiots, malcontents, closet cases, the weak-minded, paedophiles all find a home in the priest-hood and all the church’s many levels of morally bankrupt & corrupt hierarchy.

    (Do I sound bitter?)

  2. Prendergast is brave, unbiased and principled for what he says in his report. It is very important that scientific principles are used in such studied and that the results are not in any way twisted to fit any particular ideology or doctrine. This report enables the Christian churches to have a reasoned, evidence-based debate about gay parents.

    While Paul above does sound very bitter, I think that there is an element of truth in what he says about the Catholic Church being unqualified to talk about gender complementarity (speaking as a lapsed Catholic). It is one of the most misogynistic, patriarchal, sexually-repressed institutions in the world. Having said that, I was taught by priests and they were all very compassionate and intelligent – while some were probably in the closet (gay) none of them were paedophiles as far as I was aware.

  3. While I don’t agree with the presence of a supernatural being in gay relationships, or anywhere else in the known Universe, I still doff my cap to Mr Prendergast. I wish him every success in promoting an anmosphere of tolerance and real compassion inside the Catholic church, dissenting against the reactionary junta that run it. Good for him, and I hope more like minded people join him.

  4. Now lets see. Mary and Joseph were not actually married when she fell pregnant. She told him an angel had told her she was….. at that time an unmarried Jewish single mum would probably been stoned to death. So single mums are ignored by the RC church another sign of the hyprocracy of an institution which refuses to move into the 20th century (and I mean 20th!)

  5. Brian Burton 17 Jul 2009, 9:26pm

    What eloquence, your story of the Virgin Birth. It’s true you know! It is a pity though the people who should really belive it, dose not anymore.

  6. G R E A T N E W S — the last catholic priest training seminary in the Scotland, Scotus College, has closed down. It had been churning out excuses for men since 1714.

    Future applicants, if any, will now be “trained” at the Scots College in Rome.

    All the best.

  7. Reverend Father François 18 Jul 2009, 4:12pm

    Thank you so much Mike,
    God bless

  8. More of the same mumbo jumbo. The implication being that heterosexual couples are perfectly happy like a 1950’s Hollywood movie and provide healthy role models for children.

    That is a myth, and my own life, as a cradle catholic, will bear witness to that. I found my role models in the movies, not at home where I never once saw my parents expressing any affection for one another. It was a screaming match during every meal – it was madness. They should have been divorced, but ‘catholics don’t do that kind of thing’.

    And mine wasn’t the only catholic family like that.

    Gay Catholics are an oxymoron, get the picture?

    The RCC’s teaching on homosexuality will never change, even if the church does make it into the 20th century, eh Reverend Father François.

    You know what you can do with your blessing, don’t you.

    And Tony Pendergast may find himself out in the streets if he continues to ignore the real teachings of the RCC.

  9. Simon Murphy 20 Jul 2009, 4:05pm

    Gay people and single parents are ignored by the catholic cult? This is obviously true. But why is it bad news? They should be grateful that the sexually repressed, misogynistic, child abusing, Aids promoting, Nazi sympathising catholic cult takes no interest in them. The involvement of the catholic cult is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. And I say this as a reformed catholic (someone who has rejected their moronic teachings)

  10. Simon Murphy:


    Note bene: The Katholic Kult kouldn’t kare less about us, but IT, like any Self-Respecting and Self-Serving Business will never ignore any Monetary Donation, regardless of the Sexual Orientation or the Marital Status of the ‘Sinner’

    In a sincere effort to approach a moderate point of view as well as a kind and compassionate literary expression typical of the Katholic Hierarchy, I must say that Heterosexual Katholics spend their entire lives in the Kult without receiving a word of gratitude for supporting the Institution Financially.

    In that sense there really is no arguing that the RCC treats everyone Equally.

    Even after Mr. Pendergast is confronted with the rude awakening the Kult has in store for him, others, eager to smile and dedicate themselves to the mask of kindness and rhetoric in order to assure their own Personal Salvation, will fill his shoes and ‘pick up his Cross’.

    And the beat goes on, albeit with less crescendos these days. Catholic Gay Musicians are not easy to come by now that Vespers have been replaced by Vasectomies.

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