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European Tory leader defends Polish MEP over ‘homophobia’ claims

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Reader comments

  1. Justin Hinchcliffe 17 Jul 2009, 4:53pm

    Here we go again. Yawn!

  2. Oh, by the same token we can call black people “gollywogs” as that is an outdated term and no longer bears any significance.

    Excuses are like arseholes. Everyone’s got one.

  3. Tim Roll-Pickering 17 Jul 2009, 5:24pm

    Expecting the usual rants about the parties the Conservatives are sitting with, here’s a direct challenge:

    Name a grouping in the European Parliament that they should be sitting with that doesn’t contain parties and/or individuals who have a bad record on these matters.

    And no, the European People’s Party does not meet those criteria.

  4. The did not have a different connotation 10 years ago at all, it was simply considered more “acceptable” back then. This tory MEP would do well to not try and defend indefensible bigoted comments such as this.

  5. Brian Burton 17 Jul 2009, 8:51pm

    Who do these Idiot Theaving MPs think they are talking to, when they shoot the type of crap the TORY BOY is shooting? It’s all about Power with the Lying Toties, who gets to keep all their marbles, I should’nt wonder?

  6. Wake up Tories and smell the roses. You are judged by the company you keep – homophobia is homophobia is homophobia and the PiS party is full of it.

  7. “You are judged by the company you keep”

    That could be taken both ways, the Polish party is keeping company with a more modern gay-friendly party.

    Tories and Labour have just as many homophobes in their ranks as each other.

  8. lithotomist 18 Jul 2009, 8:47am

    It’s appalling to claim that Tories and Labour are running level with the number of homophobes in their ranks – where’s the proof ? We can see over and over that Tories have consistently lied over this issue, have consistently tried to cover up the true opinions of their Polish allies, have consistently voted against gay equality issues at Westminster – yet a couple of saddo ToryBoys will continue to pretend everything’s lovely, they need a reality check.

  9. Presumably, “a deep respect for the people with a homosexual way of life” refers to the priesthood in Poland.

    All the best

  10. Stuart Neyton 18 Jul 2009, 12:31pm

    “the Polish party is keeping company with a more modern gay-friendly party.”

    That’s the most hilarious comment i’ve read all week :D

  11. Stuart Neyton 18 Jul 2009, 12:41pm

    Tim Roll-Pickering, the EPP may have some rotten apples, but they’re not ALL rotten apples. The Polish party in the EPP, the Civic Platform, doesn’t have a much better record on human rights. Their leader, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, said the status quo would remain. But it’s a huge group compared to the new Conservatives and Reformists grouping, and I can’t think of any sensible party in the ECR with the possible exception of the Hungarian Democratic Forum. The EPP contains many “liberal Conservative” parties like the Moderate Party of Sweden, the National Coalition Party of Finland and the Christian Democratic Appeal of the Netherlands. The ECR group contains not one. All other members are either homophobic or deny climate change.

  12. Simon Murphy 18 Jul 2009, 2:23pm

    Typical Tory hypocrisy. The Tories have a shameful history of homophobic policies. Their rebranding exercise is skin deep however. Gay rights will be sacrificed the second it becomes convenient for them.

  13. @Justin Hinchcliffe

    You are a prospective Conservative candidate.

    Do you think it becoming of someone who wants to become an elected member of our legislature to come on here and let us know how boring you find it when Michal Kaminsky, the man you have made leader, yes leader, of your new european grouping is found out as a lying anti-gay bigot?


  14. @Justin Hinchcliffe

    You say . . . “Here we go again. Yawn!”

    So what do you make of this story?

    Your yarn suggests tedium if not vexation, but what is your view on this incident?

  15. These Polish guys are considered way-ward even by Polish center-ists. If you want to being home the gay issue you need to look to the most recent events which solicited reaction from Polish politicians. The attempts to bans pride marches etc. There’s no point looking at what happened 10 years ago. Ten years ago, the Tory party were still for section 28 and denial of all partnership rights. LETS NOT FORGET THAT while we’re on the subject.

  16. “It’s appalling to claim that Tories and Labour are running level with the number of homophobes in their ranks – where’s the proof ?”


  17. A Tory Lady 21 Jul 2009, 11:32am

    Mr Kirkhope was quite right to point out that the comment was made years ago when attitudes were rather different. As one or two of you have already pointed out, perhaps it is the Poles that have joined with a more gay-friendly Party. No don’t laugh – it is probably the truth.

  18. lithotomist 21 Jul 2009, 11:44am

    Yes, Liam, appalling because it’s dishonest and dissembling, like the dishonest claim that ‘Labour supported Section 28’ which has been put forward on this site without any evidence. The fact is that consistently, Labour has advanced gay rights and the equality agenda, while the Tories have opposed it; Cameron may pretend that he’s some kind of moderniser, but his latest statement is that he’ll find Cabinet jobs for ‘old school’ Tories like Peter Lilley (see TheyWorkForYou for evidence of his consistent voting against gay rights) and James Arbuthnot (ditto, consistently anti gay rights). Cameron says one thing, promotes advocates of another, and chooses a European alliance with bigots.

  19. lithotomist 21 Jul 2009, 11:46am

    Oh, and saying that these Poles are now sitting with a ‘more gay friendly’ party (i.e. the British Tories) is like saying that the Nazis weren’t so bad because they allied with a more Jew-friendly regime (the Italian fascists). Didn’t mean anything good for the Jews.

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