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Comment: If pagans can get time off for Halloween, can we set up a gay religion?

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Reader comments

  1. Oh for goodness sake. The whole gay pagans given Halloween off work is not true – they have to use annual leave like everyone else. Anyway, knowing a few gay pagans, they are far more likely to take the solstices off than Halloween which is more of a custom/excuse for a bit of fun.

  2. Christina i’m assuming the article is somewhat tongue in cheek, and not meant to be taken quite so serioulsy. If I’m wrong, could i have a “bitch booth” to enjoy a skinny latte and a natter with the other queers here instead of a disco booth? And replace Madonna with Marilyn or Judy?

  3. I guess so, but I wasn’t taking it entirely seriously you know :op

  4. Can you imagine the headlines in the Daily Mail if we actually got this? There would be shattered skull, blood and brainbits dripping down windowpanes all over Middle England as their collective heads exploded! It would look like the Mail readership equivalent of David Cronenberg’s “Scanners” ;)
    I know the article is tongue in cheek, but just for the record I wouldn’t expect anything a straight atheist isn’t entitled to, it just wouldn’t be right!

  5. I would prefer “The Gay Council of Great Britain” like the Muslim Council of Great Britain.

    Rather than relying on such people as Ben Summerskill or Peter Tatchell we could have a democratically elected leader.

    The LGBTQI community is currently completely fragmented with in-fights against each other. A gay Council would be the preferred option.

  6. Brian Burton 17 Jul 2009, 8:37pm

    Ah! ‘The sign of the Pagan’ EH? What, doing the cuckoo waltz I presume? Maybe in the Perfumed Garden. Lots and lots of Love and looking for a vessel to deposit it. Pagan societies have lived and died a thousand times. The reason why Gay communities are divided onto themselvs is Homosexuality and Religion seem not to mix. I can assume why this is so, it’s because of Gay bigots (and don’t tell me there’s no Gay bigots!) and Religious bigots, what a volitile mixture? Instead Pagan Lov-ins, you should try loving your neighbour O Children of Pink!

  7. Mm, could be good… would a gay religion give me protection from discrimination for wearing my hoodies, ripped jeans, and as many piercings as I like at work? If it would, sign me up… wear do I pay?

  8. as a parody and reaction to the ludicrous priviledge that religion is given in this country/ world i think its a wonderful idea.

  9. As a gay pagan, I’m really pleased about this news. Shame about this article, though.

  10. It’s nice to know that stereotypes and prejudice about pagans is alive and well in the Pink Paper! Finally an old established religion gets some recognition after being trampled on and outlawed by christianity for 100’s of years. You’d think there were parodies between the gay struggle and the struggle to express this religion but actually the parodies between the gay community and stifling orthodox judgemental and ridiculing Christian traditionalists have finally found a friend in the pink!

  11. “You’d think there were parodies between the gay struggle and the struggle to express this religion”

    Just a minor point; Religion is made up fantasy, being gay isn’t.

  12. i get that the article is meant to be tounge in cheek and light hearted, i really do but the sheer arrogance of the reporter is highly offensive.
    I’m a gay pagan and have been raised in the faith since i was born as was my mother, grandmother and great grandmother before me, and i must admit that im not impressed!
    ‘with a re-allocation of all of the traditional Christian bank-holiday festivals to suit their pagan faith, practising pagans within the police force are able to take Halloween off from work to, I assume, ready their costumes for a spot of trick-or-treating’
    there are so many things wrong with that statement its astonighing at the sheer lack of researched knowledge!!
    For a start the pagan faith predates, almost all of the current religions in the world now, as well as taking their religious symbols from the pagan faith, christianity also took our festivals!
    Yule festival at christmas, which christinaity stole and made a mockery of, Samhien (all hallows eve) one of the most important night in our calender and some nobody reporter has the right to mock us! im sorry but parts of this article do to pagans, what we as a gay community suffered at the hands of people for year, ridicule. the writer should be ashamed!
    And his ignorance is outweighted only by his sheer stupidity and lack of research!!!

  13. and connor religion isnt made up by fantasy, its made up of faith!!!

  14. @ chris coment 12 and 13 :)

    I like you am a gay pagan and I agree with your coment sadly there are a few silly people within all gruops of people who think like that I do wish people would stop trying to froce there views on others as i have said before A persons faith is theres alone saying there no such thing as a god/gods when there no prove that there is or is not is froceing your view on others no two people fully think alike nor should they a persons faith and view is theres alone just as there sexuilty is theres a lone i dont juts have fiath i have logic and fact i go by both tho sadly there are those on this site who say anyone with any faith is a stupid fool that makes me sad to see such hate even within the gay comity as a whole and on a diffent note there is so much BIphoba / hate (spelling?) towards bi motsly from gays sayings there no such thing well i have a few bi friends and i can tell you there is they have dated men and women for months at a time any way at lest try to stop your own hate towards others regarldes of there faith age gender and so forth hate kills blessings of love and light

  15. Brilliant. I think the (presumably) gay journalist who wrote this has his tongue firmly in his cheek. He’s knocking gay culture and every faith, not just Paganism and is trying to promote debate & to show a funny side amongst all the doom and gloom of news reports – everyone needs to lighten up. He says clearly it’s a reallocation of days, not more, but is just running with the joke. Can our hymns be power ballads? Oh, and what about our other gods, Cher and Kylie….. If there is a gay religion, count me in ;)

  16. Brian Burton 18 Jul 2009, 8:06pm

    Brian R.
    You’r a little chucky egg! A breath of fresh air infact. Of course, everyones Faith is theirs alone and attempting to cajole others into beliving, what they do, or do not belive in is a no,no. Atheists on this site attempt to do exactly that, they want everyone to be atheist. There is nothing ‘cool’ about Atheium, it’s too destructive. If modern morality accepts the teaching of God and not Atheium or Paganium who is to blame? Who are the Moralists also? Of course, we have to a very great extent got rid of any attempt on the part of communities, the Church or the Government, to interfere with peoples idividualium. And so Brian; only the imagination of man is limitless. The appitite seems curiously bounded. This is one of the many lessons I have learnt.

  17. Where is the hate in this article? And what am I having forced onto me? I found this a playful piece and it made me giggle. Lighten up everyone, take a breather.. I didn’t take it that the author was attacking any form of religion, just providing some much-needed light-hearted relief from the reality of the more sombre news we are so used to. If you can’t laugh along with articles like this, what then?

    Anyway, returning to its tongue-in-cheek intentions, I wholeheartedly support the cause. A gay religion will bring joy and fulfilment to the hearts of many, plus I’ve nearly used up my holidays for this year. I urge all readers to begin work on the realisation of our new ideology. There is much to do, but if the Jedi can do it, then so can we.

  18. Brian Burton 18 Jul 2009, 8:59pm

    And More Power to your elbow, there is a lot to giggle about!

  19. I joined the Gay Faeries some years ago after spending GayPride in San Francisco. And there probably still is a Church of the Glory Hole there too, though I never partook.

  20. “religion isnt made up by fantasy, its made up of faith!!!”

    Faith; belief in something with no proof or evidence.

    Sounds like fantasy to me.

  21. Another day… another attempt at mocking religion.

    And in a way that repeats the gay sterotype that we’re all camp and into sparkles, fashion and shit pop music.

    What a tolerant and prgressive site this isn’t.

  22. I am disapointed to read this article on Pink News, which would have better been published in The Sun. I am not used to this low level of otherwise aspiring journalism here. The author has to get some respect for other religions and realise that being gay, is not a religion. If he feels in need of spituality, pick any religion or suggest a political/cultural holiday but swaying in pointless ideas about how to ‘religionise’ something that he perceives to be ‘the gay community’ is ridiculous.

  23. Benjamin Cohen 19 Jul 2009, 2:21pm

    This article is clearly a joke. It doesn’t represent the views of PinkNews

  24. Why on earth is it necessary to point out that ‘this is only a joke’? What a cop out, Benjamin.

    I don’t think belief without evidence is a joke as a matter of fact. I’m sorry, but if you believe in superstitious nonsense, 150 years after the Origin Of Species was published, then I will think you are a fool, to be ridiculed out of necessity.

    Faith is to be mocked, full stop. It is childish nonsense. ‘as a gay pagan..’ If you are offended – grow a thicker skin.

    By the way, I think it was some place near glastonbury that had a major fight on its hands to ensure residents could get broadband internet – because local druids, or some similar crackpots, claimed it interfered with their ability to communicate with their gods.

  25. After reading about this, I wonder, if it is only a matter of time before Pagans will join in with other faith groups in calling for more religious airtime on the BBC, at taxpayers’ expense. They are a force to be reckoned with, after all: in the Scottish civil service, for instance, practicing pagans outnumber practicing Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. (cf Daily Express, jul 19)

    Before we know it, we will be treated to a live broadcast from Stonehenge to commemorate each Summer Solstice, with a special edition of ‘Wake Up To Wotan’. Or maybe three minutes of daily nonsense with Thor For the Day?

    This revival of our Nordic ancestors’ deities is a stark reminder that while organised religion is withering on the vine, superstition in Britain is, alas, alive and kicking, 40 years after man first set foot on the Moon. Go into a book store and compare the shelf space afforded to popular science compared with that given to astrology, angels, crystal healing, Nostradamus, tarot reading and other such gobbledegook.

    In his ‘Future of an Illusion’, Sigmund Freud reminds us, there is a natural, rather than supernatural, explanation for all this. We are poorly evolved mammals, a partly irrational species, with under-developed brains and over-developed adrenaline glands, afraid of the dark and uniquely aware of our mortality. We would not be here if we didn’t fear shadows for no reason, by default.

    This year’s Solstice event achieved record attendance – and a record amount of litter too, resulting in a costly clean up operation afterwards. Isn’t it ironic that the followers of a religion which claims oneness with nature should transform Stonehenge from a National Heritage site into a landfill site?
    Verily, a wine-into-water occasion of biblical proportions!

  26. Suggested Gay Bank Holidays;
    Monroe Day, Garland Day Doris Day(!) Gay Day and Queens Day (well they hve one in Holland!)……..

  27. I think it’s great that Pagan Police Officers can officially have their festival days as annual leave!

    What’s interesting about Paganism and Homosexuality, is that there are many Pagan Traditions with various deities that are openly bisexual and in particular one Creek youth called Antinous that was elevated to deity status was worshiped across the classical Roman world, as a God of Homosexual love. This handsome deity even had it’s own priesthood, festival calendar and temples, until the rise of Roman Christianity.

  28. jojn sharp 21 Jul 2009, 3:16am

    religions should not have a single stand in public life .
    religions are unproven lies
    any one advocating a religion should be put to justiv\ce for spreading lies and false hopes

  29. I can understand that he was trying to joke, but I feel like he’s missed the mark with his humour. I felt such pride when read that police are to get days off for religious worship which is meaningful to them. This article doesn’t really seem all that “funny”… To follow on from a previous comment. There is a gay man’s spirituality which is pagan in nature but has pulled away from mainstream paganism. They’re called Radical Faeries, and specifically honour their sexuality as something of beauty and power. So… if the author had taken the time to research what he wrote… also I find it worrying that the aspects of gay culture the author wishes to promote as being central to this new “gay religion” happen to be the stereotypes many of us are trying to shake off. Pinknews should have had better judgement before posting this article.

    Just my 2 cents

  30. Paul(27) is quite right; this was the lover of the Emperor Hardian (and all you ever thought was that he was only interested in making a wall(!!!!!)

  31. Don’t be so bl**dy ignorant. Why, in a time when people who support the Abrahamic religions get annual leave to follow their faith, is this move so newsworthy? Our beliefs are much older than those of Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, and Jews, so we should be FIRST and not last to get these ‘privileges’. As the first commenter says: we still have to take annual leave – the only difference is that, since the 2003 regulations, our requests have to be taken seriously. That’s the point, really: we would like our beliefs to be taken seriously and not treated as a joke. Get a life, Stephen.

  32. Jerry Sloan 21 Jul 2009, 9:41pm

    Sure, let’s start the Church of St. Priapus (sic) the patron saint of male genitalia. If there is a patron saint for femail genitalia it could be the Church of St. Priapus and St. —–.

  33. I’m gay, I’m pagan, I’ve been both as long as I can remember.
    I’ve only ever had one problem in taking some of my annual leave as a spiritual holiday and that was a manager breaching protocol by trying to cancel my leave day at the last minute (she failed, it had been authorised in writing) rather than anything to do with my spirituality.
    This is another non-story, nothing much more than piss-take :-)

    And if gay folk really want a fun spirituality which does not feel the need to condemn in order to build itself up, why not try some branch(es) of paganism.

  34. Gran Canraia is fabulous at Halloween – a fantastic place to go is the Yumbo center a great pagen parties. The halloween fancy dress is amazing. I love it … ;)

  35. Tom Fleury 25 Aug 2009, 3:35pm

    Here we have a Brand new non-religious religion. for all colours ( yes, we’ll include sparkly), races,creeds and the acceptable sexual preferences ( sorry no Animals or Necraphilia). You can be a Gnostic to a follower of the ‘We were created by aliens’ philosophy as long as you practice some tolerance. So lets have a Buthidar’s Day and make it a National Holiday everywhere.

  36. Lilith said:
    “That’s the point, really: we would like our beliefs to be taken seriously and not treated as a joke.”

    It’s somewhat of an understatement to say your beliefs are a joke, and wishing it to be otherwise will not change that, in a month of solstaces.

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