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BBC renews Chris Moyles’ contract despite his ‘anti-gay’ outbursts

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Reader comments

  1. BBC renews Chris Moyles’ contract….why?

    What sort of messege does keeping him on and his homophobic commentary spouted via the BBC send to his primarily younger adult audience?

    The BBC meesege…It’s ok to use the word ‘gay’ as a derogatory term. Sue Sanders will continue to fight an up hill struggle in preventing homophobic bullying in schools, with the BBC still endorsing Moyle.

  2. So this is what I pay my TV licence money for? So this arrogant idiot can say these sorts of things to millions of listeners on-air? Disgusting.

  3. Mihangel apYrs 17 Jul 2009, 11:46am

    For some “artistes” it’s never been about entertainment, it’s always been about controversy.

  4. So what? Just don’t listen to him.

    I’m up in Liverpool and I think on the whole it’s only the South who listen to him anyway.

  5. Brian Burton 17 Jul 2009, 12:25pm

    Moyles probabley runs the BBC. The D.G. is a Cannel 4 Refugee. Crass Idiots all!

  6. Why was Moyles reappointed? He isn’t funny or interesting. Who finds him entertaining?

  7. I trust Moyles is only earning a small fraction of his previous pay. On 24th June 2009 Mark Thompson said on Radio 4’s ‘The Media Show’ (13m45s):

    .. now, because of what’s happening in terms of the broarder recession and the specific recession in advertising and elsewhere in media, we do have an opportunity, I think, to get top talent for less than we’ve been paying in recent years. And we are, right now, securing deals with talent at 10, 15, 20 percent in some cases of what they were earning previously.

  8. Simon Jones 17 Jul 2009, 9:17pm

    To be honest who really cares that he used gay remarks when talking about Will Young, only 7 people complained to ofcom out of several hundred thousand who probably heard him say it!!! True he may be vulgar and is as much waste to the beeb bank-role as Jonathan Ross because of his idiotic and un-droll style. But who honestly gives a sh@t about whether or not the fat sausage roll’s contract was renewed?!

  9. Yesterday Pink News reported on a bigoted american couple who broke up their son’s loving gay relationship and forced him into rehabilitation to brainwash him that he’s not gay.

    And Chris Moyles is Bully of the Year for calling a ringtone gay? Where’s the perspective??? I’ve respected Stonewall’s work for such a long time, but that respect has been taking some considerable knocks recently.

    My favourite CD is my G-A-Y CD; and I also love my CDs of gay anthems. Chris Moyles is a Radio 1 DJ, which hardly recommends his good taste! If he calls a ring tone gay because he doesn’t like it, the chances are I’ll be willing to adopt it as gay and love it!

  10. I get fed up with people defending others who use the word ‘gay’ to mean sh*te or rubbish. I have heard people on TV saying, ‘well there’s not much you can do – all my kids say it’. If those same parents had their kids walking about calling black people niggers, they would put a stop to it. The only reason it persists, is because people don’t really think very much of gay people.

    The word ‘gay’ started being used to mean something is rubbish, exactly, because being homosexual was viewed as rubbish. That is where it comes from. It is odiously offensive.

    Hopefully, Chris Moyles is getting paid a lot less than he did, but even still, there are many,many funnier and wittier DJ’s with encyclopaedic knowledge of music in the UK. I still do not understand why the BBC think he is talented.

    As regards the number of complaints, someone talked about above, yes, I could complain, but here’s the thing, there are many, many things that I could officially complain about, but if I complain once, and I am ignored by the BBC, what is the point complaining when they do the same thing again.

    I totally resent paying a TV license fee, that is used to fund fat, middle aged, obnoxious, nauseous, talentless, little southern English bigots on the radio.

  11. “I totally resent paying a TV license fee, that is used to fund fat, middle aged, obnoxious, nauseous, talentless, little southern English bigots on the radio.”

    And, as far as I’m concerned, the same goes for the somewhat slimmer Jonathan Ross on TV.

  12. He’s clearly not homophobic, Aled is his producer/close friend and he’s gay… I use the word ‘gay’ to mean bad, it’s normal =S He’s FUNNY, as was his joke about Will Young

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