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Anti-cruising website disappears after investigation

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Reader comments

  1. I agree it is wrong to publish the images of faces, and of registration plates. That should never happen.

    Speaking as an openly gay man however, I know of several instances when homophobic people ranting about gays turned out to be gay themselves, and visited such cruising spots, or visited gay bars and clubs seeking sex while the wife and family were at home.

    In some instances, certainly for those homophobes who do engage in this cruising I don’t have any sympathy for them whatsoever. Some of them have engaged in anti gay activities, with their hate speech, I find a certain irony in some of the people involved being exposed for the wa**ers they are.

  2. was driven by homophobia.

    I assume many heterosexuals are dogging in the area? Why are the faces of these individuals and car registration numbers not recorded and uploaded to crusingscene?

    If you have an issue with any activity you believe to be illegal then contact the police.

    If the person who set up crusingscene was legit, why did s/he register false information? coward.

    Domain name:

    Scooby Doo

    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant’s address:
    The Mystery Wagon
    PL3 4TR
    United Kingdom


  3. Its not too different from the experience I had with the web hosting service that held the Gay Exorcism video originators web site hosts.

    After a bit of investigation I found the host company, and E-Mailed them my objections, explaining to them that they should be aware that they were lining themselves up to be sued through every court that could be flung at them and that it was international news.

    Their first response was that they were “not responsible for the content held on their servers”.

    Mysteriously, ho hum. They no longer host the nutty organsation that posted said video.

  4. meeting for sex is a disgusting practice no matter the orientation

  5. So Liam, how do you suggest two people could have sex, if you find them ‘meeting’ disgusting? I wonder, how it is possible, without human contact?

    Of course behind my facetiousness, lies the idea that sex and contact is not disgusting; it’s humanising and quite natural – Instead, contributing to the cultural taboos around physicality and sexual expression is repressive and harmful.

  6. Brian Burton 18 Jul 2009, 8:47pm

    That Liam must have been one of those disgusting number plate ‘Peepers’ exposed by Pink News…Well done Jessica!…well done Pink News!

  7. I go with Liam. No wonder we have trouble with people tolerating gays when a minority of scumbags still resort to shagging each other in the bushes. There are plenty of other forms of contact that do not have to be done in public areas. This sort of behaviour really does gay men a disservice.

  8. Brian Burton 19 Jul 2009, 7:09am

    Don’t give us that Saint RobN Shit! You being the age you are. You would be greatful for a shag in the Bushes with an eighteen year old and be back for more the next night! Now put an egg in your shoe and beat-it!

  9. Brian: I have no intention of shagging anything any more, and haven’t in a long time. However, even when I was, I didn’t have to lower myself to the status of a fuck-happy mollusc rolling around in damp leaves to get my oats. What’s wrong with a bar? If nothing else, it’s a damn sight warmer and you can at least see the face of the person.

  10. Brian Burton 19 Jul 2009, 1:09pm

    RobN Dear,
    Half the fun is not seeing their faces. You don’t roll around damp leaves with a Knee-Trembler! You would though, have to hide your Zimmer Frame Frome view! I have had a sexperiance once with a Trick-Cyclist on the tow-path Putney Bridge area …Weird that was! The Police Launch come along shinning It’s spotlight on us…We bolted! Ah! where is my Lost youth RobN? Cheers, don’t be a stranger.

  11. Brian: I’m sure it must have been fun for you in the blackouts. Were condoms on ration? Ah well. The way I see it, cruising was a necessary evil in it’s day, but we now have far more civilised alternatives. I suspect somehow though that the same selfish, whinging toerags that constantly bleat about “gay rights” are the self-same ones that aren’t willing to give fuck all in return to general society by desisting in this antisocial behaviour.

    Ah well, that’s karma for you.

  12. “Half the fun is not seeing their faces.”


    “I didn’t have to lower myself to the status of a fuck-happy mollusc rolling around in damp leaves to get my oats.”

    HAHAHAHA two thumbs up!

    “Dogging” and “cruising” are wholly unsavoury activities and nothing whatsoever to do with gay rights.

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