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Texas gay bar ‘raided after customer was seen drunk’

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Reader comments

  1. Person seen drunk outside a bar that must be a first!!!!!!

    Its not like the red-neck bible bashers of Texas get drunk is it? Or can you only do it if you straight goto church and put on your KKK bed sheet and pillow case!

    I am surprised they did not call out the national guard for somebody blowing a kiss at a officer. That sort of behaviour should of brought about a linching right? I mean being blown a kiss its worse than Saddam having WMD’s or a George Bush Jr speech.

    And they call it the lone star state its more like the lone brain cell state :D

  2. I still dont get why they raided it – 2 days later! It is illegal to serve booze in Texas?? What possible ‘reason’ could they come up with?

  3. y’all dont have str8 drunks down there?? oh right,,,,George Bush,,,,’nuff said!

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