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Pakistan court orders equal benefits for trans people

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Reader comments

  1. Is this really as good as it sounds? In Pakistan?? Yea!

  2. For some reason certain Islamic countries are becoming slightly tolerant of transgendered people but remain harshly opposed to homosexuality.

  3. It is wonderful that trans people are now being advocated for in this way in Pakistan – hopefully it will result in poor trans people being lifted out of poverty and prostitution. However, I agree with John that it is worrying that the increase in sympathy for trans people is not matched by the treatment of gay people. In Iran, for instance, sex change operations are offered to submissive gay men as a way to avoid imprisonment – which is entirely wrong.

  4. John: the interpretation here is such that trans people, once they have completed the transition and “fixed” themselves, are more in accordance with the supposed divine creation of a man and a woman than homosexuals, who are viewed as half-men and half-women.

  5. are they transsxual as we understand it? or are they hijra?

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