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Ukraine confirms Bruno ban, says the film ‘damages morality’

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Reader comments

  1. Given the Ukraine’s treatment of LGBT people, its a bit rich for them to lecture anyone on morality.

  2. Devoted Catholics and Greek Catholics? More like devoted fuckwits and bigots.

  3. Such censorship is likely to have the opposite effect. Ukraine, like most other post-Soviet countries, has long developed a downloading culture, so I guess even more people there will watch the film now simply by getting it from the internet and through pirate copies at the local market :)

  4. I agree with andrejs – If you want to see how banning gay themed movies pans out, watch the Father Ted Episode “The Passion of St. Tibulous” in which Ted is instructed by Bishop Brennan to boycott a minor arthouse flick containing a fictionalised account of a Saint with plenty of homoerotic imagery thrown in for good measure, in the Derek Jarman mould.
    Ted’s boycott only serves to turn a previously unknown unwatched arthouse movie into the highest grossing film in Ireland due to the resulting publicity under the slogan “The film they tried to ban”!

  5. It the film any good?

  6. They have a point though: it IS immoral to take people’s money for watching such unimaginative, pointless, humourless garbage as this so called movie…

    You can observe a steady decline in Baron Cohen’s work ever since he first started Ali G, and I think he has reached a critical level before he even started this one. Sad for a funny guy…

  7. @ Andy – But its nice to be allowed the choice of whether or not to see it for themselves, so they have the choice to decide if it is funny or garbage yes? By banning it they are removing that choice.

    On a wider note, art is subjective, whether it be visual art, music, film etc. I have quite a serious problem with the banning of art, it sets a dangerous precedent of censorship. Although, that’s a whole other debate.

  8. Hey George. I share all your concerns and would only add another one: I have a serious problem with people reacting to bad jokes as if they were sincere statements…

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