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Politicians and gay groups raise concerns over the Equality Bill

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Reader comments

  1. Stonewall KAPO’s really sold us out on this one by supporting a flawed Bill.

  2. Simon Murphy 15 Jul 2009, 5:50pm

    Ben Summerskill really is a useless waste of space. Is he in that position for life. Stonewall keep compromising on their principles to make life easier for government. I was not aware that Stonewall’s job was to make life easier for government. He needs the boot immediately and Stonewall need to stick to their equality charter or close down. They are enabling discrimination.

  3. the sooner stonewall is replaced by an organisation worthy of the anme the better

  4. It was Ben Summerskill’s job as Equality commissioner to get the law right for us he failed. Now serious questions must be asked if Ben is committed to us or his political friends.

    I think we all know the answer and Ben should step down form leadership of Stonewall with immediate effect.

  5. Stonewall campaigns for LGB rights, not Tran’s rights. Trans people should contact “Press for Change” to lobby the government.

  6. That’s not right Craig, Stonewall (UK) only dropped trans rights six years ago. Yet they still represent trans rights in Scotland the whole thing was made a mess by Ben Summerskill that’s why resentment exists.

    But the problem that exists for Press for Change is Ben Summerskill’s position as Equality commissioner and the doors he closes to trans rights. Some might even speculate that Ben Summerskill’s opposition to trans right is based on transphobia.

  7. Simon Murphy 15 Jul 2009, 9:49pm

    This is the same Ben Summerskill who thinks Stonewall should not campaign for marriage equality because SOME gay people don’t want it. He’s an embarrasment and he represents no-one but himself and his own friends.

  8. Just phoned Stonewall and put my views across. Nice people but some what out of touch. I told them I want to be a gay man living along a straight man as an equal, not as a gay man trying live like a straight man. Our gayness and culture should be protected and I dont feel that Stonewall are offering this. Its seem if harrassment has not appeared in a certain sitution , we dont need protection. Of course thats is bollocks Stonewall. Thats the whole point of equailty, you put in place laws that will protect some one now and in the future, in whatever sitution. No compromise. It was laws that protected people on race , and rightly so . Not “change of attitude”. Ok education helps, but a homophobe is a homophobe, full stop. Leopard and spots comne to mind. As some one who has just moved in to a new house and my new neighbour felt it was his right as a christian to use his freedom of speech and tell me that as a person I came about because my mother used areasols when I was a youngster, yep, for real, then people like this should be answerable to such news laws, because as he was a reglious person I was not aloud under laws that protect them, that I thought he was insulting, rude, mannerless and taking a load of utter shite. Stonewall, go get a new hair cut, pull on a tight t shirt, dance around to some disco/hienergy/techno and get back to what you are supposed to be standing for. GAY GAY GAY.

  9. It is ridiculous that Theresa May as shadow equalities Minister says that “changing attitudes is the only way to make life fairer”. She’s a legislator why doesn’t she pack up and go home now. While it is important to change attitudes it is also important for the government to lead that attitude change and to say in a fair society certain groups who are not treated fairly should be. It is important that legislation like the single equality bill has an effect on prioritising policy and funding which goes towards making life fairer for those groups and towards attempting attitude change. It is important that while attitudes change people are protected from those who would harm them by state legislation, of course some people will continue to hold attitudes that favour discrimination and harassment of some groups. I am shocked and furious that the government would leave sexuality out of the harassment sections yet include everything else including religion. The very people who do the most harassing of LGBT people maintain their privilige to do so and are protected themselves. This is not equality, where protection is needed most it will be missing, we have been sold out. I am not so stupid to believe this will be covered by other legislation, the point of the equality bill was to eqalise the equality strands. It is enshrining discrimination.

  10. Great post Dave above – aerosols??!! Equality Bill is a misnomer unless all groups have the same protections – we might all have different needs and realities and the law should consider that but only wrt ‘levelling up’. This sends a signal that some are more worthy of protection than others.

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