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Neo-Nazi obsessed with homophobic bomber could face years behind bars

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Reader comments

  1. …so it is just a matter of time before he joins the police force then?

  2. Simon Murphy 15 Jul 2009, 9:52pm

    When I saw his picture I immediately thought of David Skinner…

  3. He looks so happy. I wonder if he is a christian?

  4. I hope sad little man is put in with all the islamist terrorists :)

  5. Mihangel apYrs 16 Jul 2009, 6:59am

    merciful mother! what are we breedoing!! We seem to be raising an underclass of sociopathic losers. I’m surprised his defence counsel didn’t also describe him as a “loner”. He has all the signs of a self-hating gay.

  6. I guarantee that this man has never had sex with a woman!

  7. Mihangel apYrs 16 Jul 2009, 9:45am

    I doubt whether he’s ever had sex with anyone but himself.

  8. Anon- please don’t paint all Police with the neo nazi brush; its quite insulting to liken this man to a serving police officer! There are many officers out there doing a fantastic job stopping terrorists AND helping support the LGBT communities across the country AND lots of gay police officers too. This bit of “white trash” deserves the full weight of the law; thank God (or who ever) he did not get the chance to kill anyone!

  9. Mike- When the police where I live start conducting themselves with honesty, integrity, impartiality & transparency of conduct, (four strands of the police code of conduct) and the senior officers (inc. Chief Constables)take responsibility for the abuses & violations carried out by their officers…and the rest of the police force stop covering for their criminal & dishonest chums. Then perhaps I will not consider all police as neo-nazi BNP voting sympathisers. We know there is no real accountability for the police ie: Charles De Menezies (police lies), G20 Ian Thomlinson (police lies), Nottingham tazer incident(see youtube), Enfield water torture, …and what puppy would be a police dog these days to suffocate in a car?

    When there is accountability within the police force, then perhaps we can start to feel safe again.

  10. Anon as an ex police officer and now somone who works on preventing crime, including hate crime against the LGBT Communities I would take issue with you; no profession is perfect and you quote two examples, JC De Menezies; agreed total cock up, tragic waste of life and not worthy of our nation and as for that officer who thumped the guy at G20 , he should be done for murder;yes. I am not saying all police are perfect but I could introduce you to dozens of decent hard working, non judgmental coppers (and some of them gay!)who do a difficult job under difficult circumstances; and yes, the Top Guys should own up when things go wrong and not make excuses like Ian Blair did!
    I don’t know where you live but have you tried to engage with the police via an LGBT group? And yes it was terrible about the police dogs; accidents happen and they should have realised! (but lots of non police do that all the time!)

  11. Mike- Both the IPCC & FOI commissioner are involved in complaints regarding local (to me) police abuses. I am part of a small local LGBT group & HIV/AIDS Trust, that’s our frustration, the police contoled LGBT-PACT ignore LGBT persons who have experienced abuse, (it is effectively run by police). A South West based so-called LGBT group(spits on ground) funded by the Home Office have sold out local gay people in our region. I have lost ALL faith in police due to the sheer number of bent, dishonest, lieing, prejudicial, corrupt police officers I have personally encountered (and can name &/or identify & have done so publicily) or observed regarding prejudicial attitudes & disregard for the law & equality & diversity policy, ‘True Vision’, CPS definition of Homophobic incidents, & disregard to basic articles of the Human Rights Act in their vile treatment of gay persons. Sorry Mike, but I can identify some real (a lot) of homophobic SCUM in my local police force, protected by their police chums. NO accountability is the problem, so I still think the bomb making Neo-Nazi has a career future, if not with UK police, then with the BNP.

  12. Anon, I doubt we are going to agree; your experiences are thankfully not mine, but I would say I am sorry you have been treated in this way. I still maintain there are good coppers and its a real shame some of them are not supporting you.

  13. Mike -If & I mean a big ‘if’ these days, there are good coppers as you ‘claim’, send them too the Westcountry & transfer out the homophobic rabble we have currently, as it is effectively barren of police honesty, integrity, impartiality & transparency of police conduct down here where I live (and that includes the so-called diversity officers)!

  14. And to think I almost applied for the Diversity Manager job in Devon & Cornwall a few years back!

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