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Analysis: A lawyer’s take on the Equality Bill

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Reader comments

  1. Thanks for this, useful to have another point of view.

  2. Yes thanks, but I’m still not that much the wiser. How will something like an ‘equality duty’ change how an employer acts? What will they have to do if they are not already?

    This all feels like pretty minor stuff – the major bit is that a religious school can still tell a gay child that they are utterly worthless and need to suppress themselves. No organisation receiving state funding should be allowed to get away with that.

  3. This article only tells part of the story. While, on the face of it, there are some positive parts of the Bill which are intended to help LGBT people, the article says nothing about the ‘exceptions’ which give certain groups exemption from the parts of the Bill which protect LGBT people. So, the Bill gives schools, religious organisations, insurance companies, single-sex services and even employers (if they are worried about their profits) big loopholes so that they can legitimately discriminate against LGBT people. Also, the harassment law has not been extended to LGBT people because, when asked by the Commons Committee, Ben Summerskill said it was not needed.

  4. This issue is not getting anywhere near the attention it deserves from the LGBT (I prefer calling it the Queer) community.

    Check out the story about the Equality Bill in The Tablet this week and get an idea of how desperately the RCC is grabbibg a hold of this issue, to its advantage bacause none of us, by the looks of it, seems remotely concerned with it.

    4 comments in 2 weeks ! Need I say more?

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