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Gay American Idol star Adam Lambert’s concert targeted by anti-gay protestors

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Reader comments

  1. Someone who was there commented. I was there in San Jose – stood in line by these protesters for at least 45 minutes and they were NOT protesting Adam, Alison, Kris or anybody else. They were reading from the Bible about putting worldly things before God and worshipping “false idols”, etc etc. It was Michael Sarver, attention whore who started the Twitter thing that it was about Adam. A sign that says Jesus Loves You is not anti-gay – you see that EVERYWHERE in Ca. The big sign said God Will Judge You and included “money lovers, hypocrits, sports nuts, sex addicts, witches”, I can’t remember what all, but their objection was to the word “idol”, which I guess I can understand a little. I’m sure they have never seen an episode and have very little understanding of current cultural atmosphere. If they would have been saying anything about Adam I guarantee you that they would not have lived to protest anywhere else haha we would have smote them down lol. Peace.

  2. Claire, thank you for your comments because I was ready to kick some booty!!! Nobody mess’s with our Adam !!!

  3. The Westborough clan seem to hate everything. I wonder how long it will be before they go about with signs saying ‘God hates God’ and ‘God hates Jesus’?

  4. You are right, nobobdy messes with our Adam! We are here to protect him all the way.

  5. I dont think those people were there to protest against Adam lambert. Whoever said that? They were protesting about something else, not Adam

  6. I am from the Philippines and we love Adam here so much. I dont see why people like the Baptist Church do that to Adam, if ever they did that. We dont rally here about such nonsense issues.

  7. Why did Sarver say this? To attract attention to himself? I think he should just shut up and do practice his singing.

  8. Another Chris 16 Jul 2009, 4:21am

    I was ready to be pissed until I read that it was the Phelps clan. They’re such a joke it’s hard to get worked up over them.


  10. Claire,
    The protesters in San Jose (all five of them) were not from the Westbury Baptist Church. The WBC have posted a list of the concerts that they are going to be at. Whether they were inspired by the San Jose protest I don’t know (it does seem a little strange that they decided to wait until over a week into the tour to start protesting).

    You’re right, the San Jose protestors were protesting against the use of the word “idol” and the connotations of this, not Adam or any other contestant/s specifically. The WBC are planning to be there to protest specifically against Adam, homosexuality and the acceptance of homosexuality.

    I agree. It is difficult to waste too much time and energy on the Phelps mob.

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