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Video: US protestors stage ‘kiss-in’ outside Mormon temple

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 14 Jul 2009, 6:22pm

    I mentioned to someone on these threads that I lived on The Isle Of Wight for seventeen years. At one preiod of time there on the Island, Mormon canvasers used to call on households in my particular area. Not long after they started calling, the local press came up with a story. A mormon girl wanted a relationship with one of the Male Mormons but he rejected her advances. Probably Gay I should think) Anyway, the Mormon woman got the help of a male colleague to take the Guy she fancied and chained him to the bed. The case in the Local Rag was ‘SEX IN CHAINS’ case. I just wondered if anyone thinks that is a Mormon’s normal behaveour?

  2. Next stop, the Vatican with a ‘moon-in’ for afters and a repeat performance, in and around Rochester, for the edification of His DisGrace the Lesser Purple Breasted Tit.

    Why not!

    A ‘kiss-in’ and a lite-hearted ‘moon-in’ for a couple of days can’t be as bad as century upon century of burnings and shootings and the rack and all manner of evil crimes against the person, that religion has carried out in the name of …well, whoever.
    Not in the name of God, surely?


  3. Mind you….!
    Some of them bbbbbibbble bbbbashers are a bbbbbit ttttasty, I have to say..!

    I feel a conversion coming on…ooooooo!

    I digress!

    Long-‘andled ‘ook…


  4. Good for the LGBT community of SLC, standing up to reliigous bullying, and a church which is dedicated to hating and oppressing the gay community.

  5. Brian Burton 14 Jul 2009, 10:27pm

    KEITH LUV, I been looooking forr youuuu Mee DUCK!
    What I want to ask you is About ‘OUR GRACIE’
    She sang a somg in the 1930s called: FRED FANNAKAPAN and:
    WHAT CAN YOU GIVE A NUDIST ON HIS BIRTHDAT? My Loving Partner read this in a MAGAZINE called ‘BEST OF BRITISH’? Have you seen this Mag? It has all sorts of very funny articles in it.

  6. Brian..presh..!

    I haven’t, no..! (Our Gracie refers)

    Too bizzy slagging off bishes on here and assorted morons who think that we need a kewer..
    But I shall YOUTUBE the old love and get back to you with the resultatos, that is when I can calm down enough.
    I was just fillin’ a jerry-can with 4 star for Salf..

    Oh, never mind…


  7. #5
    I’ve just YOUTUBED t’owd lass…did it while RobN weren’t wetchin’

    I think i’ t’ end she bowt ‘im a lump o’ sorp…to wesh ‘imsen wi’…
    I could paste the full lyrics of FRED FANACKERPAN… tho’ I alus thowt it were FANNY FANACKERPAN…?

    But we’ll both get long ‘ooked off fer chunterin’ so I waint bother.

    It’s all there on YOUTUBE, any road up.
    Thanks for that wee diversion, anyway, Brian; it was a change from bashing bishops.

    I don’t BELIEVE what I have just wrote..!

    Oh, well, “… sheep as a lamb!”

  8. More Mormon Snogathons

  9. Brian Burton 15 Jul 2009, 7:27am

    What about a SING-IN?…..I’m gonna wash that Man right outa my Hair. I’m gonna wash that Man right outa my Hair and send Him on His way…….Come On, Sing Ya Bleeders Sing……

  10. Brian Burton 15 Jul 2009, 7:41am

    Thanks for the info on ‘OUR GRACIE’
    The MAG. I expect got it wrong. FRED instead of FANNY!

  11. Brian Burton 15 Jul 2009, 9:32am

    I climed back into bed this morning with my BUOOTIFUL SEXY, FANTABULOSO SPOUSE. HE said, at I fingered all those little places the cotton buds miss! “Is it Time To get up Luv?” “It’s past 8 O clock.” I said. “Just scratch my back for me Luv.” I stroked his suductive thighs for a moment. “Scratch dear!” he orderd. “Yes dear,” I anwered.”
    Keith said it could be ‘Fanny Fanackerpan,’ not Fred? Anyway, I looked at the Mag. There is a sheet Music, pictured with ‘Fred Fanackerpan’ printed on the Muic.
    ‘Wish me Luck as you wave me Good-by. Cheerio as I go on my way…..!’

  12. If you read the police report it says the men were drunk. On the Daily Kos an eye-witness said the couple were doing more than kissing. Despite what the Mormon Church believes, it was completely legal for them to ask a drunk couple making out to leave the area. It wouldn’t have been big deal at all (I saw a similar thing happen when I visited) if the couple hadn’t made it such an ordeal. You refuse to leave and start swearing at officials and you’re likely going to get in trouble.

  13. I feel the long ‘andled ‘ook coming, stage left, Brian, but I just have to ask…

    What ARE you ON…?

    (..& Can I have some..?)

    It IS Fred F., but in Lancs. we say Fanny F,
    Oh forget it…just have some more of whatever it is you’re on and go back to bed.

  14. modern society is warped, it prefers to see violence than affection. Oh my Unnamed Deity, why on earth does anyone get hassled for public shows of affection. On TV people write in and complain about nudity and affection before 9pm……YES but what about violence and death… time news!!
    Sick world

  15. Brian Burton 16 Jul 2009, 11:47am

    What a splendid, sensible person you are. Modern society is warped alright. Trouble is, traditionalists are loath to change anything that may ‘rock their boat’ even a little bit. In the Churches of the UK and some in the USA, there seems a hard-core bunch of traditionalists, gaurding antiquated ‘past custom and practice’ ways. When they learn that ‘Love Is The Greatest Thing.’
    Only then will they understand.

  16. Keep going,SLC gays!!Show our passion,show them gay love,it is powerful and can not be stopped by those mormons!

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