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US bishops vote to overturn moratorium on gay clergy

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Reader comments

  1. An historic move, indeed. We live in interesting times.

  2. Brian Burton 14 Jul 2009, 12:15pm

    Left-right, left-right… we are marching to victory and look un-stopable. High pressure must be maintained on the decenting factions. momentom looks to be ours but we must not allow anything to hinder progress.

  3. “God has called and may call” gays in committed lifelong relationships to serve as ministers.

    Good on the Episcopal Church for upholding, supporting and promoting an inclusive Christian church worthy of drawing up the name of Jesus.

  4. Brian Burton 14 Jul 2009, 2:19pm

    I never thought the Episcopal Church would make headway as it is now. I’m sure Gene Robinson (Whom I admire Greatly) helped the ‘Episcopal General Convention’ in California to overturn the monatorium vote 99 to 45, nine votes over the halfway mark.
    I am delighted to be a Gay Christian at this time.

  5. Christina Engela 14 Jul 2009, 4:02pm

    Hear, hear! :)

  6. Simon Murphy 14 Jul 2009, 4:59pm

    Great news. Especially if the episcopalians break away from the anglicans which will result in 2 smaller and therefore less influential cults. I think it may be time for a similar assault on the monolithic catholic and muslim cults. It looks like the leadership of those cults will never change so it may be a strategy to try to split them into insignificance. Why any intelligent person would have any time for some fictional church is beyond me. If they’re going to worship some badly written book then at least pick somethinng entertaining. I suggest ‘The Valley of the Dolls’ by Jackie Susann. I want to worship Lion Burke’s cock.

  7. Evangelical 14 Jul 2009, 10:02pm

    The Episcopal church is now officially in apostacy, the Bible specifically forbids pastors or any non laity existing in such sexual immorality. Any Church that is unBiblical is unChristian.

  8. Evangelical 14 Jul 2009, 10:04pm

    As a Gay Christian do you confess your sin of homosexuality to Christ?

  9. . . . Evangelical . . . So . . . althougth the African church within the Anglican communion does not condem “Polygamy, despite having a hard line biblical stance on homosexulaity . . . does this mean the African church is in a state of apostasy because it refuses to address the sin of mutliple marriages in its communion ? . . .

  10. Brian Burton 15 Jul 2009, 7:49am

    Go and boil your head son…. My Teacher used to say that to me when I was being as Stupid as you are, and saying what you have said.

  11. Brian Burton 15 Jul 2009, 7:54am

    Wash your mouth out with soap and water you naughty, naughty Boy.
    One must never use the ‘’ word because of the ‘Hot Flushes’ it causes!

  12. There are more splinter groups in the RCC than you can imagine. The same applies to Islam and Judaism. Why do we tend to believe that people of faith agree with one another all the time?

    Unity idealizes religion; Santa idealizes Xmas; the Bunny Rabbit…oh, never mind.

    C*ck worship… now there’s something I could wrap my m…mind around.

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