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German trans teenager to launch pop career

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 14 Jul 2009, 1:15pm

    she was so lucky to transition before secondary sexual characteristics manifested.

    Too many men have to wait until their adult-male body is fully formed, and then have to deal with the inconsistency between form and feeling

  2. Stuart Neyton 14 Jul 2009, 2:55pm

    Good on her! I didn’t even realise people could get sex changes so young.

    Shame about the song though. The video can be seen here.

  3. You are right Stuart: that song is pretty rubbish… (not sure why (according to the Sun) it should raise eyebrows)
    good on her to do what she wants though.

  4. Vicki Morley 14 Jul 2009, 4:23pm

    She looks gorgeous. I’m really pleased for her.

  5. Jen Marcus 14 Jul 2009, 6:19pm

    Your absolutely right Mihangel apYrs “she was very lucky to have transitioned before secondary sexual characteristics manifested” themselves. I think we must thank some very enlightened and courageous parents and physicians for having the wisdom to allow her to transition prior to the onset of puberty. And yes, Vicki, she is gorgeous! God Bless Her!

  6. Mihangel apYrs 14 Jul 2009, 9:46pm

    quite right Jen.

    Without being too pius, as a gay man without children I tend to look on all young LGBTQI people as our vicarious responsibilty: we fight to make life better for THEM, so they don’t have to put up with the shit we’ve had to, and to be cherished in their difference. This is necessary because often the rest of society won’t. Hopefully the fallout will be to make things better for all young people – less hang up about sex, identity, “normality”.

    If I can look back from my deathbed and know I’ve made even a slight difference I will be happy.

  7. As a gay man planning to become a parent I often ask myself, when I read something that involves children, what would I have done if my child had done this or that? In this case too, I ask myself, would I have allowed a child of mine to begin transitioning at such a young age? 12 years old seems awfully young to take such a life-altering decision. I trust Kim’s parents will have been advised by doctors and will have been paying attention to how their child felt, but it’s great they took a decision that turned out with no regrets. I don’t know how many people transition so young, but I suspect it’s a very small minority.
    I suspect my doubts are linked to the fact that, when I was a teen, I thought I would change my sex one day, but I changed my opinion later on and now I largely ascribe that desire to the social contest within which I was growing up. I am now very happy as a man but, once again, puzzled as to what I would do in Kim’s parents’ shoes.
    I apologise for this aimless post, I guess I would welcome comments tellings us the “how do you know” part, but I guess there’s no magic formula.

  8. I don’t see any nazi comments. Hitler wouldn’t allow that to happen if he was alive, would he?
    Back to war german people, hate others! destroy the world!
    M O R E G A S NEEDED!!

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