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Former minister Patricia Hewitt says gay rights and diversity ‘not part of who Gordon Brown is’

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Reader comments

  1. Poor old Uncle Gordon can’t do anything right can he boys and girls! Wanted to be PM; got to be PM; bet he wished he had’t become PM now eh! Upsets the economists, the ecologists, the female ministers, the list goes on; but did he tell Sarah to go and play nicley with the gay boys and girls at Pride? Methinks she decided for herself!(lets face it if you live with dour Uncle Gordon you need some fun in your life!!!)

  2. vulpus_rex 14 Jul 2009, 3:38pm

    I never imagined for even a second that Brown’s attempts at sucking up to the Gay vote were anything more than desperate posturing.

    He is frantic with fear of the kicking he is going to get, and so richly deserves, at the ballot box next year and ordering his wife to go on a march shows how desperate he really is.

    Thanks Ms Hewitt for further proof that Brown is nothing more than a fraud.

  3. Stuart Neyton 14 Jul 2009, 3:39pm

    Is that photo genuine? It looks like someone’s photoshopped his head on a random suit.

    I have mixed feelings on Gordon Brown. I know most of the gay rights stuff came before he entered number 10, but Labour in general have been far better than any previous government when it comes to gay rights. Whether Gordon agrees or not, we don’t know. I don’t think he ever voted on such issues when he was chancellor. I think he tries to find a compromise too often and in the process alienates everybody. Although I did find his criticisms of Proposition (H)8 reassuring. Could he legalise same-sex marriages before we’re forced to live under another term of Tory homophobia? I live in hope.

  4. Simon Murphy 14 Jul 2009, 4:32pm

    I fully beleve that gay and women’s rights were never high on Gordon Brown’s agenda. But at least he’s not a 2 faced liar like ‘Dave’ PR Cameron who claims to be committed to gay equality but nonetheless quite happy to team up with a group of Polish bigots who think homosexuality will lead to the destruction of civilisation. Brown is not perfect but Cameron is actually a dangere to gay rights as he will sell us down the river as soon as it is convenient for him. It’s unwise to trust Labour but it’s absolutely essential that gay people should NEVER trust a Tory.

  5. Vincent Poffley 14 Jul 2009, 5:32pm

    Intellectual? Serious? Never part of the 60s and 70s social movement? Maybe so, but why have any of these things got anything to do with being pro- or anti-equality? There are very many intellectual, serious people who were never part of the 60s and 70s social movements (indeed, were not even born until the 80s and 90s) who are committed to equality.

  6. This is Gordon’s chance to do one thing for LGBT equality; one thing that he embraces with enthusiasm and sincerity. Make marriage legal for us! And speak up for it…….and come into the Chamber to vote for it. Time is running out for him.

  7. Ron: Time ran out for Gordon two years ago. He’s been treading water ever since and even the hard-core socialists want him gone.

    The man is a fucking liability.

  8. Well RobN THIS hard-core socialist certainly doesn’t want him gone. I don’t know what hard-core socialists you socialise with. Absolutely FUCKING none, I expect!

  9. He’s no time for Church of England bishops either, which is no bad thing. He hasn’t recommended anyone to the queen and doesn’t intend to.

  10. On a different tack; he reminds me, on occasions, of Les Dawson’s and Roy Barraclough’s “Cissy & Ada”.

    Make what you like of that.

    I listened to the whole Woman’s Hour prog. about him being ‘laddish’ and ‘blokey’.

    Make what you like of that an’ all..


  11. “Earlier this year, he hosted the first Downing Street reception for LGBT History Month and also welcomed the London Pride organisers as well as, Attitude and the Gay Times to an intimate reception before this year’s Pride.”

    Lol. This was a PR stunt and he invited abotu 200 LGBT groups for history month. It’s phrased like it was a sit down chat :-)

  12. Simon Murphy 15 Jul 2009, 2:10pm

    Well it’s more than what ‘Dave’ PR Cameron did Jane.

    True it’s just gesture politics but the Tories can’t even bring themselves to do that.

  13. theotherone 15 Jul 2009, 4:12pm

    i not, mr murphy, you’re not actualy defending him?

    I take it you agree with the sentements then?

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