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Stonewall Bully of the Year Chris Moyles: ‘The BBC don’t want to upset anyone’

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Reader comments

  1. Just because he is so unoriginal that he can’t figure out how to be interesting and entertaining without being grossly offensive. Plus, his comments make him sound like his ego needs deflating.

  2. There aren’t many people in the world that I truly hate, but this fat pig is one of them.

  3. Moyles is a fat pig who’s show is just a rip off of the worst bits of Chris Evans when he was at his egotistical worst. The guy is not even original he should be sent back to his real level on BBC/commercial local radio and forgotten about.

  4. Dave North 14 Jul 2009, 6:13am


    You can tell that fat pig is a fat pig purely by his voice.

    He has a fat slovenly pig voice.

    I remember the first time I heard him on the radio, and the first thing that came to mind is “My. This person just sounds so corpulent, slovenly and fat in a piggish sort of way”

  5. Mihangel apYrs 14 Jul 2009, 8:21am

    please leave the piggie-wiggies alone! No oinker ought to be bracketted with this tasteless, talentless waste of oxygen

  6. If he hates it so much why does he stop taking the cash and resign??

  7. Graham Nottingham 14 Jul 2009, 8:45am

    As a gay person I found Chris Moyles gay comment totally out of order. However, I find it very funny that 4 of the 5 comments before me find it OK to riddicule someone because of their weight but have issues when it is done to sexuality. I think a bit of double standards apply here or is it just that people don’t mind picking on over weight people as that’s a laugh but gay people now that’s just out of order!!! :-)

  8. Pigs are better than Chris, they’re nice tempered clean animals, whereas Chris Moyles needs to try shaving when he wakes up in the morning.

  9. David North 14 Jul 2009, 9:08am

    #7 Graham

    I have no control over my sexuality.

    He has control over his weight.

    It’s like they say.

    “My weight problem is because of my Glands.”

    “Stop eating so many bloody glands then.”

  10. I am a pig. I am kind and friendly and only porky, rather than grotesquely overweight. If any of you continue to compare me to Chris Moyles I will intruct my solicitors to commence immediate legal action against you.

  11. Stop eating all the pies Chris!

  12. Brian Burton 14 Jul 2009, 10:33am

    Dose anyone think Chris Moyles cares a flying toss at what is said about him? He is one of lifes scumbags and has the BBC to enhance his Odious behaviour.

  13. Moyles is talking rubbish. He says that the BBC doesn’t want to upset anyone. In that case why does it pay the likes of Jonathan Ross £6m per year for comments like this:-

    “For the first time in over 250 shows we’re doing it tonight with the roof shut. That’s right – it’s not an open-air event. It doesn’t matter if it rains or gets dark, we plough on. Admittedly it means the conditions aren’t perfect. It’s a little humid and the poofs are complaining their balls are heavier than usual.”

  14. I never watch Ross and never listen to Moyles… nuff said. They are both bullies and the claim of “I’m not homophoic, I’ve got gay friends” is lame – you can joke with yer mates & family but not broadcast this stuff to millions – when will they get that into their thick skulls? They learned is wrt racism – we expect no less.

  15. I am brimming with sympathy for this poor oppressed man – I heartily recommend he fight back against those tyrants by launching an hilarious crusade of anti-dullness by making racist jokes, disparaging the prophet Muhammad and mocking the disabled.

    That’ll show them that you mean business, Chris.

  16. A chubby chaser 14 Jul 2009, 12:55pm

    Please don’t insult people because of their weight, there are bears, chubbies among gays, not all of them are twinky.

  17. Yeah, moylesy, god you are so cutting edge – ‘down wif the yoof’.

    Who needs wit or talent, when all you need to do is be offensive eh?

    How about shaking things up a bit then moylesy, in that boring old BBC.

    How about some new jokes about muslims or jews instead of gays…??

    I’ll start you off…,

    ‘there’s this muslim, a jew and a black guy, okay…. and they are all going to an islamic stoning……

    and so on.

    Or, is it just gay people you have jokes about?. Being offensive is not being witty. Slagging people off is not being witty. Being offensive does not mean you are ‘in touch’ with young people.

    How about you go back in your little local radio box, you talentless bigot.

    The same goes for Jonathan Ross. And can someone tell me why those ‘four poofs and a piano’ sit and laugh along with the homophobic jokes, week in week out.

  18. I actually agree with some of the things he is saying – BBC always overeact to petty comments.
    As a gay woman, i think he is harmless and i’m not offended by it all. I think this story makes the gay community look quite pretentious

  19. Brian Burton 14 Jul 2009, 4:51pm

    Would you adam and eve it? Somebody has just driven over the side of the ‘Grand Canyon’ How disapointed am I it was’nt Chris Moyles!

  20. She’s so dreary.

  21. Damn it.

    And I was so hoping for that award, and some other fat faggot wins it.

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