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Zoo seeks female penguins after male birds form gay relationships

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Reader comments

  1. Well, to keep this particular population of penguins going they need to draft in more breeding females, obviously. But let’s hope they don’t so swamp the males that no homosexual bonding is permitted! :-)

  2. Menage a trois with the gay penguins? Hate to think Chi Chi will be doing an XXX rated version of Happy feet!

  3. Does that make ‘Happy’ Feet a gay porn film now?

  4. Seeing as Cornwall police considered “The Birdcage” cert 15 comedy as a gay porn film which could be used for sexual grooming of 16/17yr old students, then get rid of your copies of Happy Feet now!

  5. Brian Burton 13 Jul 2009, 12:34pm

    This story has but one merit! It makes one titter I suppose?

  6. Edward in Los Angeles 13 Jul 2009, 1:08pm

    They need to make a movie about two gay penquins!

  7. Some Penguins Are Gay. Get Over It!

  8. Did Pepper bitchslap that Linda chick? Who knew penguins had such trash potential?

  9. Brings a whole new meaning to that ad for Penguin bars “work work, bang, bang busy busy!!!!

  10. @Anon- If you thought Happy Feet was the gay CG generated penguin porno vid of choice, check out “Surf’s Up”. That has a cross dressing chicken as a best buddy for our penguin lead and a mentor who literally pees all over him at one point (Well OK this is done just off camera… it’s still PG rated!) How many PG rated films can you think of that have a golden shower scene? Also given a parental advisory in the film listings of one national newspaper as containing scenes of “lewd conduct with surfing trophys” Beat that!

  11. Brian Burton 14 Jul 2009, 10:52am

    Golden Shower scene? Ah! days of thunder I think! Me and my motobike got around.

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