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Texas politician calls for inquest into gay sailor’s death

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 13 Jul 2009, 7:14pm

    If homophobia is the reason for his death then Obama will have blood on his hands.

  2. What if it was racism?

  3. Mihangel apYrs 13 Jul 2009, 9:09pm

    shot, burned.

    Not a hate crime.

    Their disingenousness is appalling

  4. Get a grip Simon – culpability for a homophobic murder is in this order 1. perpetrator 2. those who turned a blind eye 3. those who brought up & taught the killer homophobia 4. the killer’s peers who taught him homophobia 5. generations of law makers 6. all of US society 7. Obama.

    I’m sick of the hyperbolic delusion that politicians are responsible for the evil deeds of individuals. Go back and read St Augustine on evil. There are a 1000 reasons for murder and violence. Repealing DADT is an urgent necessity and will save lives I am sure but homophobia is deep and wide and all of us are responsible for bringing about change.

  5. The homophobia and motives may still have been there, but I do believe that this death would have been prevented without DADT because this man would have been able to ask for help. The ‘don’t tell’ part of the equation in his situation amounted to ‘don’t tell anyone that your life is in danger and you need help’…

  6. A black, gay man is murdered and it’s not clear if it’s a hate crime? Come on, give us some credit!

  7. Simon Murphy 13 Jul 2009, 11:08pm

    Paul: No: 4: You say: Get a grip Simon – culpability for a homophobic murder is in this order 1. perpetrator 2. those who turned a blind eye

    Obama fits into category number 2.

    I fully accept that Obama is not in any way directly involved in this soldier’s murder but his failure to date to fulfil his election promises to his gay electorate can and should be seen as promoting a culture in the US Army where homophobia is tolerated and encouraged.

    If this soldier was murdered for homophobic reasons by colleagues he knew then the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy fostered an environment where he had no-one to turn to for protection from violence based on his sexuality.

    Obama needs to get off his lazy, lying arse and fulfil the promises he made. Then again he seems like just another lying, hypocrite.

  8. It’s a sad sad thing… someone needs to pay. He didn’t ask for this, he was serving his country! A full investigation has to be done and done RIGht!!

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